The insurrectionists in Texas and in the southern states of America are looking backward toward a freedom from our federal democratic government, …and backward toward a liberated segregated provincial way of life, that is bigoted and white supremacist, and free from the ideas of the “Enlightenment.”
States Rights and republican conservatism and mercantile capitalism is the unrealistic thinking and goals of the most backward elements in the USA.
Wake up! The Twenty-First Century Capitalism is “Global” and all powerful! It is impossible to resurrect the past! The world of nationalism is being negated out of existence by the global economy. Capitalism and big business is all powerful and all global! For now it rules with an iron hand!
You backward Libertarian conservatives should wake up to today’s reality!
A “Public Sector” that has not sold out to members of the “private sector’s special interests” (for pieces of gold) … is supposed to represent and support the general public, and to do so by creating a total environment that will promote the general well being of the people as a whole.
To say that if the public sector does this kind of a deed is “Socialism” is crazy talk!
Government will rule either from the top down, … or from the “bottom up,” which is the way a democracy rules.
AS the planet moves toward an integrated one world global village we earthlings have to decide if we want to be ruled from the top down or from the bottom up!

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