Evolution of Politics!

The political and provincial “RIGHT WING” are fearful of moving forward, away from their tribal beginnings and their established customs. What is on the other side of the mountain is met with suspician and fear that translates into angry hate! “People that are not of the same clan, religion, nation” etc. according to the immoral Right Wing “should be killed.”
It is either us or them according to the bigoted torture approving genocidal fascist loving ignorant separatists that are the political right in every nation on the planet.
Those that say that the Political Left is precisely the same as the Political Right are politically ignorant of politics and are most likely are ignorant of most everything that exists on the planet.
Most Fundamentalists of all orthodox religions appear to have tendencies that would prefer to retrogress backward into the time that existed in our ignorant past. They have always opposed scientific and techonological progress.
The “Progressive Political LEFT Wing” are the forward looking political wing that is the opposite of the reactionary fearful and hateful political rightwing!
And what about the Political “Centrists?” …These fence sitting non commital opportunists will compromise the guts out of every proposal so as to keep everything at a standstill so that we do not move backward into the ways of the past, or forward into the ways that will be our future.
When the “Political Center,” becomes no longer relevant to the existing changing circumstances, situations, and conditions, the followers of the centrist position will move into the ranks of those that want to move backward into our no longer relevant past, and into the ranks of those that want to move forward into our not yet known future.
Without a Political Center to compromise the differences of the Right Wing and the Left Wing these extreme wings of the political spectrum will clash!
The clash between the “Future: and the “Past.” will eventually be compromised by a new “Relevant Center.” A CENTER that will come into being and replace the “Old Center,” that is dumped into the trash can of the no longer relevant and exisiing past!

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