The Predictibility of the FUTURE!

The reason all societies and everything that exists evolve eventually to an advanced stage of development than what formerly existed is the fact that life is a learning experience. If you understand science you will know that science has discovered that matter in motion is a interaction between opposite poles and that all forms of matter and all that reflect matter in motion follows a similar path as they evolve. The evidence of the way all things evolve are similar so it should be no surprise that the stage of Feudalism gave birth to capitalism, and it will be followed by the stage of socialism and than a system of communism will evolve out of the system of socialism. It is inevitable! It has been written in the stars and into everything that ever existed. You may not like what the future will bring, but it will happen because when all other possible alternatives have been exausted, … it is the only thing that can possibly happen! …IT”S EVOLUTION!
PS. …What will happen in the future will not revolve around your subjective likes or dislikes. The future does not give a damn about your subjective notions of what should be. The objective conditions is that what rules.

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