Rugged Individualism is Global!

“Individual effort” under capitalism was rewarded during the early stages of capitalism! The era of rugged individualism no longer exists except in the eyes of those that are too blind to see. Those that choose to not see clearly is like an infatuated lover that refuses to see that what they are obsessed about has changed from what it was to what it has become.
Capitalism is in our modern era, a global oligarchy that needs to grab world resources on a very large scale so as to stay competitive inside the world market.
Competition has eliminated those that did not have the resources and were not able to acquire the resources that would make them competitive in the arena of large and hungry sharks. Those that are not blind will see that this fierce competition has resulted in a concentration of capital where today 10% of the total amount of people that own for a living own 90% of the worlds wealth, and 1% own half.
We live in an era of capitalism that if you want to survive and be able to compete you must surrender your individuality and become a cog in a giant multi national corporation, cartel or conglomerate. … The small individual enterprises are disappearing along with the mom and pop stores.
The middle class is rapidly disappearing as capitalism enters the stage of “Global corporatism” .. and multi national capitalism.
As a number of workers and former middle class business types are priced out of the market place and out of the system of capitalism they will have no other alternative then to rebel against this oligarchy and put into place a planned economy that will serve the entire world community.

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