Labor Theory of Value!

The American Educational System has deliberately kept from the american people, the meaning of the economic theory that puts into perspective and answers that what have confused and stupefied students of economics from the beginning of our system of capitalism to the present time.
“The Labor Theory of Value” is an economic concept that answers concisely and precisely what economics is all about.
This is an economic theory that is so more profound than the economic theories that are being held and expounded on by economists throughout our educational system.
These so called economists have an ax to grind! …So that they can remain secure at their jobs, they refuse to challenge the all mighty system of capitalism. That is why these sell out economists continue to promote these irrational economic theories that are impossible to understand and don’t make sense to anyone!
Far be it for me, to go into detail, on this theory, of the “Labor Theory Of Value!” It could be easily researched by those that are curious, and wish to be enlightened

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