Towns and villages that were inhabited by merchants tradesmen and professional guilds existed within the feudal system, The large feudal land lords dominated the system and agriculture was more powerful than those that lived in the emerging small towns and villages.
In early America it was “King Cotton” and the large agriculture plantations that American power emanated from. The emerging towns and cities took over from the countryside and dominated after the Civil War!
Much of the south it seems can’t get over this transition from a small village type of government rule to a large city, state, federal and world type of governance.
I guess the word that explains this is “Provincialism!”
Class Struggle in america and in the world exists because of the nature of the relationship between the boss and his worker!
The worker by the use of his labor power produces value for his boss. The worker is compensated for his labor by receiving value, in the form of a wage. The value in the form of a wage that the worker receives is only a fraction of the value that the worker produced with his labor. The profit of the boss is the value that the worker did not get for his labor.
Because the worker did not receive the fruit of his and her labor is why you have class struggle for a larger portion of the pie.
Only under the conditions of Communism where the “State withers away” will it be possible to have a society that produces “Social Scientific Individuals” that become their own leader and their own follower! They need not have a government or anyone else lead them. They automatically will do what is best for the world environment and the people living within that environment.
Only under Communism you can have a integrated world environment of material abundance, individual intellectual growth and social scientific huunan beings!

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