Cause and Effect!

What happens will happen because it is the only thing that can happen. No body causes the law of gravity, it is “cause and effect.”
A scientific mind that is not prejudiced by dogma, religious or political, will always see the forest as well as the individual trees. If you can’t see the forest because of the trees you will never see the big picture, as a consequence of being short sighted you will be blind to how the past affects the present and how what happens in the present will affect the future. You will be blind to what is inevitable and what is not inevitable.
Change happens! Traditions become no longer relevant to the changing circumstances, situations and conditions, that happen to prevail at a particular point in time. Change always happens when it is necessary for that change to occur. It is necessary for a starving man to eat food or he will die. It is inevitable!
It is inevitable for socialism to become the next stage of social development. Capitalism has a life span and when it becomes necessary the locked out workers of the system of capitalism will have no alternative but to overthrow the capitalist system, and to bring into being the diametric opposite of the capitalist system. A system that has a planned economy designed to profit without discrimination the entire

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4 Comments on “Cause and Effect!”

  1. Ryan Says:

    You are certainly a peculiar individual, namely due to the fact that you’re idealistic perceptions on the human condition are completely inane.

    I do apologize. I didn’t intend to be too terribly insulting here, but seriously, I got a good hearty laugh while paging through your posts here. I can’t help but to ask if you actually believe your little diatribes here, or are you just putting this out here to be controversial? After all, communism, while an interesting study in the idealistic side of human beings, is a cosmic joke and can only be achieved by degree and through force since communism by and large goes against human nature.

    If you are indeed making these statements because they accurately reflect your rooted beliefs, then I would advise that you take a step back from the socio-political theories and do some research on psychology and the motivations that drive human behavior. Or, better yet, study up on the less peachy aspects of social theory since Marxism is a tiny speck in the great sociological spectrum.

    See, the problem with the ideas that you lay out here is that they blatantly disregard the fact that the human animal is still fairly primitive. We seek power, wealth, security, status etc. However, the basic principle of communism/socialism/Marxism/whatever is based on a world where people disregard their own nature and instead function for the greater good. Well, I’m sorry to say, but the only way to accomplish this is at the end of a gun; and hence the interesting paradox that communism finds itself in since using force to achieve communism is contrary to the principles of what communism was supposed to be.

  2. despicable Says:

    You don’t appear to know what you are talking about! If you did some research on the subjects you are commenting on you would be worthy of having a conversation with.
    Oh well, … I will try to enlighten you! Perhaps you are teachable.
    First of all You are completely ignorant of the definition and meaning of communism. If you read the classics on the subject and if you were aware of the differences between “Socialism” and Communism you would not have stupidly said that … “Communism is achieved by force!” ….. Communism can only be arrived at after the stage of “socialism” being achieved, and the bringing about the conditions under socialism that will lay the foundation where ultimately there will exist a society that has enough material abundance for everyone in society so that no one need to compete for status or survival.
    Under the conditions where competition is replaced by cooperation because the need to compete is no longer necessary and the competing and gathering of material wealth for social status is no longer necessary because material wealth no longer being scarce is no longer regarded as something to compete over.
    The “nature of animals and humans change when their circumstances, situation and conditions change. A scarce environment and an abundant environment would cause actions compatible with that environment.
    Under the conditions of material abundance where the desire and need is to cooperate, a new type of human being will be born with a opposite type of nature that exists in competitive societies. “A social scientific being” that will be his and her own leader, and follower, where he and she will not need a political apparatus, or any kind of leader, to tell them what to do, or not do.
    Under communism the state gradually withers away, and you have an administration of things. Not people!
    It is my hope and understanding that only under a socialist type of society that all nations will be able to assimilate into a global village and create a world that will under a planned economy will eliminate conspicuous consumption that will save valuable resources for future generations, and will take care of our world environment so as to protect the earth from extinction.

  3. antonpavel Says:

    First of all, I thank for your comments on my blog. Yes what will be, will be, but, What you don’t know, you don’t know. So, to make an assumptions based on a prediction that social scientist will do what they think MAY be best without regard for their personal ambitions or power is ludicrous . I have little faith in people who think that social engineering is a science. In my opinion the individuals that seek such jobs as the oxymoronical social scientists are either politicians or academics both of which have zero real world experience. They never made a product ,other than words or, had to decide what to bring to market when their own money is involved. As they said in jest in the movie Team America “it is inevitably inevitable.”, but it is not.

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