Planned Economy!

 Lets face the facts! …The world capitalist private enterprise economy is in the toilet and is about to go down the tubes.  The world is on the brink of a necessary change from what was, .. to what will be.  The desperate need for a world economy that satisfies the material need of the entire world needs to be realized.
     Common sense tells us that for this to happen we must abandon the unplanned system of private enterprise and adopt a world wide planned economy that will utilize the world’s modern technologies without prejudice or discrimination to satisfy the material needs of the people and environment of the world
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One Comment on “Planned Economy!”

  1. Rich Says:

    Are you kidding? We abandoned private enterprise in (more or less) 1914 … when we established the Income Tax, and the Federal Reserve!

    Of course the erosion of freedom has been slow, but we’re pretty much Fascist now … nominal ownership of private property with total governmental control of how it’s used.

    This is the brave new world of which you dream! How do you like it?

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