McCain and the SURGE!

McCain’s entire claim to the presidency is based on the big lie, that his promotion of the surge, and the convincing of the Bush administration, to take that route, has given our side a big victory in the war so that we can now see light at the end of the tunnel, where victory now is possible.
McCain has to be out of his feeble mind to draw that kind of a conclusion.
Our small number of troops that represented the so called surge, was like a mosquito biting an elephant! It did nothing to change what is occurring with regard to terrorism or the ending of the civil war. 
When will republicans realize that Iraq is no longer a nation. Iraq is a group of tribal factions in a civil war with other tribal factions for the control of what was once the nation of Iraq.

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One Comment on “McCain and the SURGE!”

  1. Mo Says:

    Rather McCain than the newly appoint messiah who can’t tell the difference from a ‘breathalizer vs. an inhalilator’ for an asthmatic.

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