Globalization and Immigration!

Globalization is the result of technology and a capitalism that has outgrown Nationalism!
It is no longer possible to keep people “down on the farm!”
The “browning of america” ..has caused white racists to loose their cool, and go crazy on the subject of “Immigration”.
The “fear mongers” that promote race hatred like Lou Dobbs are out of touch of what is happening in the 21st century!
They are like scared children, fearful and ignorant of the progressive social evolution and revolution, that is taking place on the planet.
Political and social change is coming at us like a freight train, and the ignorant racists that represents our not enlightened past, should get out of the way, or they will be run over by this freight train that represents our future!

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2 Comments on “Globalization and Immigration!”

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  2. Lee Says:

    Right you are. Eisenhower and Regan Republicans would not recognize the Dubya McCain party because it is so very John Birch now. Look in the dictionary under “Republican”: I think it’s described as “Failure”. If not, it soon will be.

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