RED NECK White Workers!


Given the choice of voting their economic interests or their prejudices the southern white working class will vote against their economic interests every time!

The southern Dixicrats that at onetime proliferated inside of the democratic party are now represented inside the republican party and it is they that give the republican party it’s identity as a far right end of the world christian zionists, that want to fulfill christian prophesy, by bombing Iran, and bringing about the end of times, so that the second coming of Jesus will fly the good accepting christians to their concept of heaven! 

These idiots that are such an influence in the Republican party are not an asset to a political party, yet the Blue Dog democrats are sacrificing the democrats ideological base, so as to lure back into the fold, those that are bigoted stupid and dangerous!

Automation has made these white ignorant red neck workers, no longer relevant! 


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