The people in charge in Iraq, are the separatists! The separatists with their militias have the support of the people! The tribal loyalties based on religion and ethnicity are united on eliminating all foreign terrorists including Americans from their land! After we are gone their will be a power struggle for domination by one particular religious or ethnic tribal group over all others! That is the way with tribal groups from the beginning of time to the present day!
A nation state does not exist in Iraq, except in the confused mind of Bush and Company and their confused simplistic followers!
The puppet government that we set up in Iraq has no power and has no support among the people in Iraq! ..All of the moderates that at one time may have supported us to a small extent, has long ago left their homeland and settled elsewhere! … Thanks to ethnic cleansing!
Tribalism has won in Iraq! Nationalism has lost! … And none of the king’s men can put humpty dumpty together again!

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