The Same Old Song and DANCE!

I am convinced that the american voter, is not only stupid, but also very much unaware!
 The democrat candidates talk the talk of political and social change, but they walk the walk of maintaining the excessive power of the Military Industrial Complex and the power of the 1% of the population that controls so much of our economic and political lives!
 Power in a democracy is supposed to be from the bottom up and if you think that the democrats are so much different than the republicans, you have not been paying close attention to what has been going on with democrats in the congress!
 All of you BUSH haters that vote for the democrats because you believe that this bought off democratic political party really represents change from the recent past are blind, deaf and dumb!
 To be true to yourself and true to your values I urge you to vote not necessarily for a winner but for your convictions! 
That is the only way that you can respect yourself and your country! If you believe that they are all a bunch of meatheads! Don’t vote! Organize

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