Revolution!/ Democracy!


The often stated idea, of bringing DEMOCRACY to a political and economic system that is in crises, by organizing the forces of democracy with  our new technology and thereby defeating the corrupt capitalists and replacing them with capitalists that are not corrupt and anti democratic! The idea that this simple  democratic reform is possible under the nose of the all encompassing power and force of the “Military Industrial Complex” and the world fascist powers that support it, is to my mind, LUDICROUS!


All I can say is “KNOW YOUR ENEMY!”


The concept of democracy is a philosophical concept that can exist under any system of government, if the conditions within that system are not a threat to the continuing existence of the economic foundation. 


It is this economic foundation that gives the system it’s basic nature, and consequently it’s particular characteristics!


The system of capitalism is evolving and the way it is evolving has been and is predictable! The concentration of capital and the consequences of this concentration  is something that is known and has been known for over 100 years!


Every system from the beginning of time to the present day will tolerate dissent, …  as long as that dissent is not a threat to the economic foundation of that system! 


Every system is administered by political administrators that have the responsibility to keep the economic system functioning as well as it possibly can, … and to protect the economic system from all enemies, foreign and domestic, with all and every every means possible!


Capitalism has reached that stage of it’s evolution that in order for it to continue to exist it must take the form of a Dictatorship of the Capitalist Class and it must pursue a policy of immediately grabbing the largest profit possible at the quickest possible time, … and if that means destroying the world environment and exploiting to the greatest degree the world’s resources, … including the people of the world, and the cultures of the world, then so be it! 


This world wide exploitation is inevitable and was predictable over 100 years ago!


REVOLUTION has nothing to do with the philosophy of democracy! … Like I said, “democracy” thrives under any system, as long as there is no overwhelming dissent!


Revolution is the overthrowing of the economic foundation that supports the society as a whole!


When the foundation goes, everything goes!  A new foundation is always built on top of an old crumpled foundation!…That new foundation that is built is …. REVOLUTIONARY! 



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