When you talk of REVOLUTION to my mind, you are not only talking of changing the faces that occupy government!Revolution is changing not only the administrators of political government but changing the economic system to the opposite of what it was!!I see rebellion on the horizon, but I do not see revolution!This is so because their is a lack of revolutionary leaders and a lack, of revolutionary vision!People want change and they are grasping at defective straws that will take them nowhere, and cure nothing!They are experiencing “future shock!” because of our advanced technology and the global economy!The “Nation State and the traditions of the past are rapidly becoming no longer relevant in a world where a oligarchy of rich dudes want to own and run the world at the expense of nations, culture, future generations and their environment!The world is rapidly becoming a global village and nothing will stop that global transformation!What should be considered is who will be in charge of this global village! …Should it be a small oligarchy of unbridled and unrestrained capitalists that will destroy everything in it’s path as it gobbles up resources and people to satisfy it’s appetite for money and power!Or will it be the people as a whole that governs this global village from the bottom up instead of from the top down!Where are the leaders that can see the future and point the way?

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