Before their was Nationalism their was Tribalism and the psychology of tribes was that outsiders were the enemy, and was inferior to our tribe, and only our tribe should conquer the world and make those inferior outsiders our slaves! Pride in ourselves and prejudice against everyone else was their battle cry! Then the tribes made alliances with other tribes so that they can conquer a number of tribes in other regions and make them their slaves! To keep order among the allied tribes, treaties were made and nation states were formed that kept the peace among the different tribes! That what was different was accepted and tolerated! Prejudice became a bad word because it interfered with the unity of the GREATER GOOD! The RELIGIOUS RIGHT are still stuck in the TRIBAL attitudes of the distant past! They wear the CLOAK of religion to attempt to give themselves respectability! It is only a cloak and their real religion is to return back to the family or to the tribal past of not trusting anyone and having wars to prove our pride and show our prejudice!

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