There are those that assume that the “Military Industrial Complex”, the concentrated corporate power structure and the super rich family dynasties that support it control it, and profit by it is an “american entity”, and that america can only prosper by sucking up to this global oligarchy.That’s right I said global!This global power structure is structured in a way that it can only thrive by destroying democracy, representative government and all nation states that exist on this planet!In their wild unrestrained and uncontrolled pursuit of the all mighty dollar, this global oligarchy are destroying the world environment, native cultures, and placed at risk, future generations!We will have a global economy whether we like it or not, that is apparent. It is so because of modern technology and the necessity of the global village taking the place of the nation state!The question is, ..Who will control this global village? Will it be the super rich family dynasties that for so long controlled our economic and political life? Or will it be the people as a whole, with a democratically chosen world government and economy!

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