The Best Man!

I want to vote for the candidate that is the best person for the job!..

.The proven record that is a perfect record and is attested to by all of the other candidates, because they now talk the talk of this particular candidate but unfortunately when push comes to shove they run away from their words and back track and become embarrassingly apologetic of their formerly held position!

Why? because they don’t have the courage of their convictions!
They attempt to demean the only candidate that had the foresight to be correct and consistent throughout his political career!

He has proven that he has the courage to stand up for what he knows is right! ..

This particular candidate because of his presence is a reminder to the other candidates how wrong they had been in the past, .. and how gutless they are in the present.

Perhaps that is why they ignore him during the presidential debates!

Dennis Kusinich is the only candidate that deserves to be president!

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One Comment on “The Best Man!”

  1. Rich Paul Says:

    Socialism has failed whenever and wherever it has been tried. The only exceptions are the places it is failing now.

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