The democrats are no longer able to represent the people of America!

We need a NEW POLITICAL PARTY that can become the new political center for our nation! The Democrats have been taken over by the BlueDog conservatives!

These republican like conservatives had moved the Democratic party to the political right, and so the Democrats are no longer relevant and have forfeited their role as a party in opposition to the Republican Party!

Without a relevant political center that can bring the political extremes together by compromising their differences, we can expect a clash between these opposite political extremes!

These opposing political extremes will bring about a violent revolutionary change and a new revolutionary political center!

This violent clash can be avoided if we peacefully bring into existence a relevant political center that is not tied to the global corporate oligarchy that controls our economic life!

The only way that this can be done is to dump the democratic party that is is in hock to the economic interests that own them, and replace the democratic party with a new economically independent progressive party!

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