The powers that be,… are intent on being a world imperialist force on the planet!…The players that are taking on this role are in both, the democratic and the republican parties!

To succeed they must silence all opposition to their grand design for dominance in the world!

The nations and individuals within those nations, that are opposed to their grand design, will be declared enemies and terrorists,… they will be confronted by the Military Industrial Complex and the C.I.A .

The Fascists of the world will have a field day exterminating those that oppose the powers that be!

Anyone with any common sense should know by now that the democratic process is deliberately being subverted,..It is being subverted by people in high places in government, in the media, and in business!

At this point in time, we the people are very weak, and they, our totalitarians are very strong!…

I don’t think that you can depend on a single leader to effect a drastic change from the direction that we are going in!…Their is too much at stake and the forces that had waited a long time and had been ruthless in their crusade to seize power, will not voluntarily give that power up!

It will take a force equal in strength to that of the combined force of the military industrial complex, and the fascists aligned with them to seriously be a challenge to their totalitarian rule!

I hope that Kucinich can get elected and keep from getting assassinated by the enemies of the people, and can bring sanity back into our political life! …

I hope that I am exaggerating the situation that exists. and that I am dead wrong on what I perceive as being our political reality!….

If I am not wrong than the only solution would be REVOLUTION!

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