Dennis Kusinich for PRESIDENT!

The media wont give him breathing space to present his views!
They keep him in a closet and regard him as quaint!
When the word gets out about what he is for and what he is against, a political explosion will occur that will cause a ground swell that will turn the democratic party upside down and Hillary will have to go home to her husband and be just a wife!
Dennis Kusinich will be our next president!

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6 Comments on “Dennis Kusinich for PRESIDENT!”

  1. gasdocpol Says:

    Kusinich has some good ideas but he does not have the personality to be President.

  2. thornnnn Says:

    I’m voting for Dennis regardless of the media coverage or what the polls say. If everyone did that, then the brainwashing and voter manipulation by the media would be ineffectual.

  3. gasdocpol Says:

    I don’t think “everybody” is going to vote for Kucinich. I must admit that he has his following ,including my wife who is extremely intellegent.

    How about Obama instead?

  4. despicable Says:

    Kusinich is the only candidate that deserves to be president!
    I think that you are jealous of him because your wife likes him!

  5. gasdocpol Says:


  6. Elena Kourchenko Says:

    I live in Norway and I am proud to say that I just sent my absentee ballot and voted for Kusinich. I hope he does not give up the fight! I voted for him for what he stands for and for his stance on many issues that are important to me. I hope that all Americans vote based on issues and NOT personality as Gasdocpol says. But really, what is wrong with his personality anyway?

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