For the purpose of clarity so that the curious can understand what are the forces in the world that shapes our world, it is my understanding that it is absolutely necessary to know the very important subject of economics and how to determine what is value and how value is determined!

To understand our world scientifically and to have a scientific awareness of the past, the present and what will most likely happen in the future, it is imperative that a person understands this subject. A subject that our educational system has deliberately distorted and corrupted. …And that subject is, …


According to the scientific approach to economics, “THE LABOR THEORY OF VALUE,”.. explains better than any other approach to scientific understanding, …of, “what value is,… and how value is determined!”

Those that rejected this theory, …that was very much in vogue in the 19th and early 20th century, have been swimming in a pool of confusion about the reality that exists in the world and has attempted to explain this reality by irrational rationalizations that has made them look stupid and out of touch!

The greatest detractors to the labor theory of value is the Libertarian Party that has rationalized economics to such an extent that it has ridiculously portrayed all economics as a philosophy rather than a “evolving process!”…A process that changes it’s nature and it’s characteristics, as it evolves, due to predictable changes in the total environment!

The Republican Party more so than the Democratic party clings to this irrational approach to economics as they echo the Libertarian party’s assumption that economics is a philosophy that was brought into being by a person that thought it up!…They believe that a particular “PHILOSOPHY” of economics will and should never change, and if it does so it is because someone or some group had corrupted it or subverted it, like for example government,… otherwise it would remain a perfect philosophical system forever!

Of course most people in the world know that nothing lasts forever, and they can sense that change happens!

You are probably wondering if you don’t know,…what is the “Labor Theory Of value?”

Simply put it means that something has value because someone can use it so it has “use value!” Also it has “exchange value,” that what is useful, can be “exchanged”… for something that has.. “equal exchange value!”

The exchange value of what is produced by social labor, … is determined by the amount of necessary hours or labor time spent by workers as a class, in putting it all together!

The should be indisputable fact is.. that workers as a class produce all value for the capitalist class by their social labor,… and in return for that combined effort they as a class, receive back, only a small portion of that value, in the form of a wage! …All value that the class of workers are robbed of,… becomes profit for the capitalist class!

That is why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer That is why political lines are drawn between the democrats and the republicans The republicans are for the rich and the democrats are for the rich but like FDR the way to save the system run by the rich is to reform the system by throwing the poor a bone once in a while, so that the workers do not overthrow the system of the rich and take over the means and instruments of production and eliminate the capitalist system and replace it with a workers system!

Some people would call this workers system Socialism! ..Others would call it Communism!…Call it what ever you like! …Just don’t call it Capitalism!

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