…Our only hope is to vote for Dennis Kusinich and make him our president!

I will admit that after thinking it over that I was wrong about the impression that I inadvertently made in a post about the “New World Order!”

I had implied that we as the people cannot make a difference in the future of coming events!….I was wrong!

I stick to my assertion that a “World Village is preferable to the isolation of a Nation State!” …You cannot stop the moving away from the Society of Tribes to the Society of Individual States to the Society of Individual Nations to a Society of One World!…Like it or not that is what is called progress!

The system of capitalism has built in our life time a middle class and a working class in areas of the world where there was none before! They are building sophisticated consumers where none existed before!… That is progress! This middle class is bringing common sense, and enlightenment to people that were trapped under the conditions of barbarism, ignorance, superstition, and intolerance! …That is progress!

President Bush is a fascist capitalist, and he represents a mind set of the highest ranking capitalists of the entire world that want to create a world government by the force of arms, and by threats and intimidation! He wants to set up a world government that is a world dictatorship of a capitalist oligarchy that is responsible to no one except those corporations that would ruthlessly grab the resources of the world without restraint and rape our environment and exploit the people of the world unmercifully, and leave a trail of crap, for future generations to clean up!

By ELECTING Dennis Kusinich as president we may be able to change things around and make our immediate future more bright!…We can change our foreign policy where we will approach the world with an eye toward mutual cooperation and sensitivity and understanding toward different cultures, protection of our environment, and controls on industry, to make them more social!

Perhaps we can have a world community that is not at war with itself and the environment! …I hope so!

Our last chance to save ourselves from ourself is to elect DENNIS KUSINICH!

I still maintain that the foundation of every society is economic, …not political or Philosophical or Idealogical

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