The face,.. of power, …is only a part of the animal, and to ignore the entire anatomy of the animal, that you are facing, can lead to errors in judgment and mistakes in your understanding, of the enemy that is facing you.

A full understanding will allow you to know what to do and when to do it, so as to be, not destroyed by this enemy. A enemy, that is more than just a face!

The face is the secret extended families that has for generations controlled with an iron hand, the politics and the economy of not only the USA but of most of the the world!

Now at long last we can scrutinize the secret societies that they have belonged to for generations. We now know that the super rich wield a power over us that boggles the mind, and that these families that are only interested in increasing their power and their wealth are ruthless in this pursuit!..They are like the Mafia families! These families resemble the powerful family groups that came out of our world’s, feudal past! They function in pretty much in the same way!

The secret conspiracies that they had been involved in, the secret murders that they committed of people in high places over the decades are now with diligent research, is being exposed and made available to a large audience connected to the internet!

We now know the names, of these economic royalists, we are beginning to know all about them and their secret societies and their secret fraternities that overwhelm our social fabric and control every aspect of our society!

They are now the recognizable face, of a system that is called capitalism!

Their was a time when the old established families of wealth resented the new families that became wealthy by bootlegging and discovering oil on their land and speculating in the stock market. The old families of wealth regarded these newcomers as crude and an embarrassment because they were ostentatious and vulgar in the displaying of their new found wealth!

The power grabbers of today do not care that their secrets have been brought to the light of day, and they are being exposed! ..They have so much power they just don’t care!

The animal that is confronting us is not only a face! ..It is also a system and when you take out a face it will be replaced by another face that is a part of the same old system. The face will laugh at you as you go about finding individuals to blame for the sins of the system!

If you change the nature and the character of the system, you will change the character and nature of the people within the system!

You will change the entire animal!

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3 Comments on “THE FACE OF THE ANIMAL!”

  1. Rich Paul Says:

    Dude … capitalism is a philosophy which demands free markets, free trade, and private property. That’s all it is. Conspiracies and such require the ability to spend other people’s money. In other words, they require government. Socialism is, of course, even more prone to the evils of government than capitalism, because socialism is a totalitarian philosophy which implicitly requires state control of every facet of the lives of it’s slaves.

    Even if you have the right to write and publish under socialism: where do you get the paper? The government. Where do you get the ink? The government. Where do you get to money to live? The government. How do you convince them to pay you, provide you with paper, and provide you with ink, if you disagree with their latest five year plan and want to write against it? You don’t.

    If you’re interested in freedom, eschew socialism. If you’re interested in socialism eschew freedom. You can’t have it both ways.

  2. despicable Says:

    Hey Rich Paul! Are you related to Ron Paul?…You sound like him!
    Dude…Socialism and capitalism are economic systems that are opposites. therefor they oppose each other! The nature, and the characteristics that flow from these opposite economic systems, basically are… cooperation and planning as opposed to competition and not planning!
    Government is an entirely different entity!…You can have under either economic system a government that is intrusive, rigid, and dictatorial! A government that feels it is surrounded by enemies so it feels that it’s only recourse is to circle the wagons and demand rigid discipline and conformity from it’s people in order to protect everyone from the enemy! This is a normal political reaction to a threat from external forces and is predictable and to be expected under any political system that is charged with the responsibility to protect a group a nation or an entire system!
    Socialism as well as capitalism can have a political system that is representative of the people under that economic system!
    The opposition that exists, primarily between the forces of socialism and capitalism has very little to do with government. It has everything to do with economics!
    Socialists believe that eventually under the conditions of material abundance the need to compete for material survival will no longer be necessary. That the needs and the desires of all of the people will be provided to them from their advanced technology and from the soil of the earth that belongs to everyone like the air that we breathe!
    The apparatus that will provide this to the people will not be a political state but rather trained professional experts with computers and modern technology that can measure the resources of the planet and can determine a balance between what can be taken from the earth so as not to upset the balance between nature and humanity!
    According to Marxists the state will wither away and a new human being will be born out of this environment of economic security. That human will be a social scientific human being that is self reliant and has compassion and awareness of his surroundings. It will not be needed to have police or a court system to force him to be social with his fellow human beings!
    You will have an administration of things not an administration of people!

  3. Rich Paul Says:

    Note, not related, just the same last name. Thanks, however, for the compliment! We both read Austrian economics, which may be the reason for the similarity in tone.

    I’ve already responded to the rest, but I’ll just repeat that the difference between capitalism and socialism is not “planning” vs “not planning”, but whether power is centralized into government hands, or whether power is held by all.

    As for the Marxian fairy tale of the “new communist man” who will evolve, there is not a single reason to believe that this is true, or would be good if it were true.

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