The air that we breathe is free until some free enterpriser figures on how to make it scarce and therefor valuable, puts it in a bottle and sells it to us so he can make a profit!
Only by intelligent planning by an agency that is not personally selfish and wants to take advantage of the public, and gain something by so doing, can we solve the problem of scarce sustenance in the world! The only thing that is holding us back from developing enough resources so as to eliminate economic insecurity in the world is individual greed!
It is self centered egotism, selfishness and individualism, that breeds tyranny, corruption, war and all o the negative things that caused most of humanity to suffer throughout the ages!
The earth’s surface can with intelligent planning provide us all that we need and we don’t need Libertarians to tell us that what the earth provides us, is a “free lunch!”

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2 Comments on “PLANNED ECONOMY!”

  1. Rich Paul Says:

    The air that we breathe is free until some free enterpriser figures on how to make it scarce and therefor valuable, puts it in a bottle and sells it to us so he can make a profit!

    Interestingly enough, this has not happened. What we do pay for, and what people profit by, are those things which were previously scarce, and the entrepreneur makes available to all.

    Of course, we cannot eliminate scarcity, unless and until we develop “matter replicators” and free or free-ish energy, like Star Trek, but what we can do is to make those things which are important to people available to them at the lowest possible cost, and to refrain from imposing our values on others, so that they can make honest choices which reflect their real values.

    Economics is the study of how people meet their unlimited wants and needs, using scarce resources.

    Meanwhile, even if you believe that infallible planners are possible, consider our recent political leaders, (Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan), and think about whether you want them to decide whether or not you eat (or breath). And never forget that when you claim the right to decide for others how they should live, what work they should do, whether they should survive, and what their values should be, you implicitly give them the right to do the same for you.

    As for selfishness and individual greed, I would never take orders from a man who claimed he loved the neighbor across the street as much as or more than he loved his own family. Such a person is either a sociopath or a liar.

  2. despicable Says:

    Those that control the government are free enterprisers that hate government and are at this time, more so than any other time in our history,.. are intent on robbing the american people of what rightfully belongs to them,.. because it is a part of the public domain. They want to steal these assets that belong to all of the people, and give it to their cronies, in the private sector!
    I certainly would not want these anti government thieves of the peoples resources to manage anything that I own or what my neighbors own!
    The truth is,.. that you refuse to recognize that profit has got to come from somewhere, and it comes from someone or something being a looser so you can become a winner! It is exploitation of natural resources and people!…
    By not keeping a watchful eye and regulating their tendency to be not respectful of the interests of the general public as a whole, these free enterprisers, would destroy our environment and cause great harm throughout the entire nation, and the world!
    This is not opinion, but it is historical fact!
    Because of this historical fact governments throughout the world has established controls on these free enterprisers so they can’t run amuck and cause great harm in their pursuit of the all mighty dollar.
    I would certainly trust a government agency that does not have a conflict of interests in what they are managing over a free enterpriser that is out to feather his own nest, at the expense of the public as a whole!
    The dogma that has been repeated over and over again by republicans and potential thieves of that what belongs to the people as a whole, is that “the private sector can manage the public’s resources better than the government with it’s public sector employees!”
    That propaganda is a bald faced lie!…And it is becoming more and more apparent with the passage of time!

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