Their are too many democrats that are out of touch of what is happening right under their nose! …That goes double for our so called popular media!
Moderates are famous for wanting tranquility within the nation! They will always compromise or sell out, so that drastic change does not happen, even when that kind of change is necessary!
Their failure to recognize that impeachment is necessary right now, means that they are no longer relevant, … and so the people should dump the democrat party into the trash can of ancient history, and start a new progressive party that is in touch with what is happening and will be respectful of our progressive heritage and not afraid to do the right thing!
By voting your conscience you will be a winner!…and no matter what happens you will have voted for your humanity and the humanity of the nation!
Sometimes one step backwards means that next time will be 2 steps forward!
If that is our destiny than so be it!

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