Individualism, greed and selfishness are caused by insecurity inside an environment of scarcity!
In an environment of material abundance where the need to compete for that which is scarce is no longer necessary because in an abundant environment everyone has what they need, and material wealth is not valued, because it is in abundance!
When you no longer need to compete to survive or to become rich, than the only option left to you, is to not compete, but to cooperate!
Modern technology can produce enough of what is necessary to provide economic security and well being for everyone on the planet! This could happen only with intelligence applied to a planned economy!
An economy motivated by individual profit can only cause an imbalance that will further threaten our environment and the well being of future generations!
Everything eventually will turn to the opposite of what already exists! The opposite of competition under the conditions of material scarcity, is…cooperation under the conditions of material abundance!
Human nature will reflect their surroundings,… and when their surroundings change the human nature will change, from competitive to cooperative!

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4 Comments on “HUMAN NATURE!”

  1. Rich Paul Says:

    Uhhh … hmmm … might want to have a look at the laws of nature. For one thing, since there is no such thing as a free lunch, scarcity cannot cease to exist, without creation of 1) a replicator, like Star Trek,
    2) abundant free(ish) eneggy, like Star Trek

    This can only happen in a free (non-planned) economy, since the government ruins whatever it touches.

  2. despicable Says:

    The air that we breathe is free until some free enterpriser figures on how to make it scarce and therefor valuable, puts it in a bottle and sells it to us so he can make a profit!
    Only by intelligent planning by an agency that is not personally selfish and wants to take advantage of the public, and gain something by so doing, can we solve the problem of scarce sustenance in the world! The only thing that is holding us back from developing enough resources so as to eliminate economic insecurity in the world is individual greed!
    It is self centered egotism, selfishness and individualism, that breeds tyranny, corruption, war and all o the negative things that caused most of humanity to suffer throughout the ages!
    The earth’s surface can with intelligent planning provide us all that we need and we don’t need Libertarians to tell us that what the earth provides us, is a free lunch!

  3. john Says:

    the human race is nothing more than another creture on this planet. We are only what we belive we are. The conciousness of humanity is ideally another survival evolutionary tactic.
    Many people think we are destroying this planet but fundamentally no matter can be lost from this world. If our “race” were to be lost to our own stupidity and instinct, The matter we have processed would remain and devulge into the world we inhabited.
    No matter in the universe can dissapear completley. Everything ends up some where.
    We as humans enjoy believing we are more than just cretures. We are bound to this world by the instincts that all life shares. Our fundamental goal as a speices is to continue. We desire to live only to contiune our species. Purpose comes into play hevily when disscussing our desire to live. Some think that humans have a purpose but truly we cannot exeed our nature. When many of us belive we are of no use to the world we take our lives. Another thing though is that we think our human emotion is nothing compared to the other cretures. I’m sure that all sentient life feels emotion.
    Deppresion and lonleyness are the two biggest factors when somebody takes their life. Our systematic way of creating a proper way to live is the cause of this. The way we provide goods to help people, and then being paid based on the importance of your service is pretty much how the world is run. Government was the product of natrual human fear. Unfortunatley we hate this feeling so much we discovered a way to solve it, which justified a way to be less social. Most humans are terrified, and the fact that the government knows this doesn’t help. The way we obtiain goods is based on mainly fear and instinct. Were afraid we’ll smell bad or look bad so we buy clothes that look nice and buy deoderent. Honetly all fear also relates to the prolongation of an individuals life.
    Those twelve years of school are only to make you suitable to obtain and maintain a job. Religion is a touchy subject when analysing human nature. Humans are so apalled at their most basic functions that we made a way to polute the minds of thousands into thinking that its wrong. Sex is the most fundamental naturistic functions because this is the only way to fufill the extention of the human race. We humans have a way of complicating matters such as relationships and life. Nature still provides for us today despite the fact that we sometimes dont assosiate our lives with nature. Honestly everything we do is nature there is no escaping it

  4. G.Gadadhar Says:

    What is Nature?

    Dr. Vedavyas, the saint of the space age describes nature as
    “Sharing what you have with those who do not have is human nature.
    To give to others even if you do not have is divine nature.
    To deprive others is animal nature.
    To destroy other’s even if you do not need it is Asuric nature.
    To torture others because your needs are not satisfied is demonic nature.”

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