One World Government is almost here, and there is nothing that anybody can do about it so shut up about it already!

The world global village is destined to be our new reality! This new revolution is being brought about by our global economy and modern technology! ..It will be an accomplished fact!… And I am glad! … We should all be thankful to the large corporate powers that control our economy for directing this great step forward, for humanity!

Of course there are the forces of nationalism that are attempting to stop this forward movement of global take over of the world from nation state domination, but history is on the side of the forces of world government!
This revolution will be remembered and honored by generations yet to be born!

Because of this progressive revolution, all of humanity will be moving away from the isolation of the past and also the intolerant fear and hate of that which is foreign!

In a one world environment with a common currency, and with a wiping out of borders that existed in nation states, with a technology that will make it easy to travel anywhere on the planet freely and by communicating easily with everyone everywhere on the planet, … the people in this world village will easily assimilate with each other on the basis of equality! ..There will no longer be wars between nations, because nations will cease to exist!

The national narrow minded chauvinists, that are fearful of any kind of change and refuse to adjust to a new way of life, and want to hold on to their prejudices, will… I am sure attempt to halt this movement away from the old way of doing and thinking! …But this opposition will not succeed because these reactionary elements will rapidly become not relevant and be ignored and regarded as dinosaurs!

The capitalists will move throughout the world developing areas of the world that are undeveloped and creating a middle class where their is no middle class, they will develop sophisticated consumers where their were no sophisticated consumers, thus making more profit and benefiting humanity!

Eventually the corporate oligarchy that created this world revolution, will be forced to swallow the middle class and the wealth that this class created, and digest it into the guts of their large global corporate institutions!
The working class in this world government will be mostly replaced by automation. This occurrence will reduce the number of consumers for the capitalist class!

To increase their rate of profit with a smaller amount of consumers the capitalist oligarchy will increase prices and decrease the cost of production. They will price out of the marketplace those that will not be able to afford the high prices and they will limit production to only those that can afford to pay the inflated price.

The discontent by those that have been locked out of this fascist capitalist world society will become so great that they will revolt against this fascist capitalist world oligarchy and they will establish a society that has a planed economy that is designed to satisfy the needs of all of the people.

How do I know that all of what i have written will happen?…I know that it will happen because it is the the only thing that can happen!

It is the only way that the future can unfold!

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