You cannot move back to the simple life of the good old days where rugged individualism, small business, small government, small profits were the characteristics of our society!
The time of individual struggle to make a better life for yourself, pulling your self up by your boot straps and becoming rich is not characteristic of todays society! Their are exceptions to the rule, but they are only exceptions, they are not the rule anymore!
And the reason why it is not the way it was during that 19th century, … is not because of big government,..It is because of competition in the private sector!
To become more competitive in the private sector it became necessary for individual businesses to merge with other enterprises so they can compete more effectively, and become less vulnerable in the competitive marketplace!…In unity their is strength and so it was inevitable that the concentration of capital would become more of a reality with the passage of time!
Government leaders like Teddy Roosevelt and others saw what was happening and got the congress to pass laws so that big business would not get so big that they would render representative government unable to protect and promote the general welfare of the people as a whole!
Their were and are, politicians that sold out the people that they represented by allowing themselves to be bought off by members of the private sector! But government is structured in a way that they are responsible to the people as a whole. They differ from the private sector in this regard because the private sector is only responsible to their stock holders!… Not to the whole society!
As time marched on more and more people realized that in unity their is strength so as a way to protect themselves from antagonists, segments of people all over our nation organized into protective groups out of the necessity to be not vulnerable to those that view them as the enemy!!

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  1. raqqash Says:

    I do wish your words to be true and see individualism dead, but selfishness and egotism still seem to rule the world in my opinion. Just check what most of the politic classes in our western world are doing đŸ˜‰
    In Italy we have only a scandal after another, corruption, bad government, increasing social problems. Wish your words would be true..

  2. despicable Says:

    Individualism, greed and selfishness are caused by insecurity inside an environment of scarcity!
    In an environment of material abundance where the need to compete for that which is scarce is no longer necessary because in an abundant environment everyone has what they need, and material wealth is not valued, because it is in abundance!
    When you no longer need to compete to survive or to become rich, than the only option left to you, is to not compete, but to cooperate!
    Modern technology can produce enough of what is necessary to provide economic security and well being for everyone on the planet! This could happen only with intelligence applied to a planned economy!
    An economy motivated by individual profit can only cause an imbalance that will further threaten our environment and the well being of future generations!
    Everything eventually will turn to the opposite of what already exists! The opposite of competition under the conditions of material scarcity, is…cooperation under the conditions of material abundance!
    Human nature will reflect their surroundings,… and when their surroundings change the human nature will change, from competitive to cooperative!

  3. autofyrsto Says:

    I don’t really know where to begin with this. I understand that you are frustrated, but where to we go from there?

    You seem to have this dualistic notion that “Libertarianism=Rugged Individualism” and “Socialism(?)=Cooperation”. This does not seem accurate to me. It is true that there is competition in the marketplace, but when trade is free, fair and voluntary, there is also cooperation: both parties to the trade benefit from it. No Libertarian wants everybody to live alone in the woods like Grizzly Adams. Libertarians want each person to produce and exchange the fruits of their labor with others —to cooperate with them to get the things they need. Who gets what from whom is a matter of competition, but in the aggregate, there is cooperation.

    You say also that “government is structured in a way that they are responsible to the people as a whole”. I don’t see it. Many governments are plainly ruthless and despotic. Others at least attempt to provide an illusion of accountability–but it is only an illusion. Usually in an election, the people are offered the choice between Statist A and Statist B. Naturally, the winner of such election will be a statist who puts the needs of special interests before the general welfare, and serves those interests by taxing the people generally.

    There are many more comments to make but I’ll leave it this for now. Perhaps in time we will arrive at an understanding.

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