It has been scientifically proven that animals will under difficult conditions of survival because of a harsh environment will become aggressive and competitive and more interested in fighting and competing with one another, than having sex and procreating!…When their environment is not harsh and food is easy to come by,.. the animals become less aggressive, more loving, and procreate more!!
In other words the environment plays a big role on the characteristics that will be exhibited by all creatures including humans!

Only in an environment of material abundance, an abundance that is accessible to all humans, within that environment, will it be possible to change human characteristics, to the opposite, of that which existed under an environment of material scarcity!

It is my opinion that competition can exist inside a socialized world that is secure with regard to their food, clothing, shelter, health needs education etc. …The competition would be in servicing the public in a way that is superior, … and their reward would be the respect and acclaim of those that were served, ..and a sense of self satisfaction! ..A socialized society that has material abundance would not value material things so a material reward for services rendered, would not be desired!

Modern technology has made it very much possible to create a world where the entire planet can become environmentally balanced, provide a sensible sustenance for all of the people,… manage population growth, and become fully assimilated , on the basis of equality!..

To do all of this would require planning and human intelligence!

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