“Throw the old rascals out!” ??????
It is my opinion the old rascals will be replaced by new rascals!

When you throw clean pigs into a mud hole they will become dirty like the old pigs that you voted out of the mud hole!

It is my opinion that it is necessary to understand where the system is at, during this particular point in time, to understand where you should be as a politically aware person!

There are only two options that are available to us,…. and their has only been two options that were available through out the history of the world. ..The options are ..REFORM or REVOLUTION!

Reform means patching up the old garments, and continue to wear those garments because they are still somewhat useful!

Revolution means,… throw away the old garments because they can not be patched up any longer and they are an embarrassment and no longer useful!

Our system is capitalism! …It functions by competition with other capitalists for market share and the highest rate of profit! ..

That profit is distributed to share holders! ..
This capitalism operates with the assumption that their is a scarcity of material goods in the world, .. therefore material goods are valuable, and those that gather the most material goods unto themselves will be regarded as the most successful and the most powerful and have the most prestige within the system!

Revolution means getting rid of that what is no longer useful and has become a heavy burden to carry on your back, and it hinders you from moving forward in the direction of progress!

Science tells us that all movement is towards the polar opposite of that which already exists!..The polar opposite of “COMPETITION” under the conditions of material scarcity, is “COOPERATION” under the conditions of material abundance!

By struggling to replace competition under the conditions of material scarcity, … with cooperation under the conditions of material abundance, … you are being a modern day REVOLUTIONIST!

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