Ron Paul-Backward Movement!

My conclusions about Ron Paul and his philosophy are based on my understanding of the political movement that he is a part of. It is a movement that has been around a very long time, so it is not a mystery as to where this movement wants to go!

There has always been from the beginning of time, movements of people, that wanted to either move forward, backward, or stand still, and not move at all! …Ron paul belongs to that movement that wants to move back to the good old days, that are in my view are impossible to reclaim because the objective conditions have changed and it is impossible to return to the non-existent past!…The Libertarian organization that he is a member of, is the home of that movement!

The Capitalism that Ron Paul wants to bring back into our present day life is the capitalism that is not restricted by laws, that protect the common good!

The type of small government that he is for,.. is unrealistic, in this age of big business and their global capitalist empires.

If it was not for progressive big government, the economic system of capitalism, would destroy our environment, exploit without mercy or compassion the people,..not only in america, but all over the world!

The reason that corporations grew so large and amassed such incredible power was not because of conspiracies between government and corporations. .. It was the natural evolution of small corporations getting larger by eliminating their competition!
As some politicians in the public sector, were bought off by the private sector, the easier it was for individual capitalists to become bigger and more powerful!

The framers of our constitution were not of one mind! There were some of our founding fathers that were opposed to the common people having the right to public education and voting!
They felt that all rights should be reserved for people that owned property. They feared those that were not born to wealth!

It has been an up hill battle for the common man and woman from the beginning of our american history up to the present day!

If you eliminate progressive big government, we will all be at the mercy of big world wide capital!

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