Ron Paul- Anarchist!

The people that have the power and are the driving force in our society, are those that control the economy of our country!
It is they who are now in charge of our representative government! and are attempting to destroy that government and create a society that will give the private sector free reign so that they can freely exploit the resources of the world, and wreck our environment in a reckless pursuit of the mighty dollar!
It is they who are promoting war and are attempting to silence those that oppose their grand design to reshape the world in their image!
Our government at this point in time is in the hands of government haters! These government haters would very much like to destroy representative government so that the private sector can be free to swallow up everything that they can get their greedy hands on! at the expense of our environment our democracy and future generations!
Ron Paul is a government hater, just like George Bush! ..The reason why he opposes the war is because it is costing too much money!
Ron Paul is misdirecting our attention to the wrong enemy!…It is not the public sector that is the villain in this enterprise. …It is the private sector that is attempting to kill off the public sector so that the private sector can rule without being restrained by the government or by representatives of the people!
The fascism that we are heading towards is a fascism that is a rule by an economic entity that is independent of government and the rule of law!
It is ANARCHY by capitalists that will have no regard for law or the common good!
All governments in the world will be rendered impotent and will be unable to stop this capitalist monolith from having it’s way! …If Ron Paul and his pirate privateers take over the world

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10 Comments on “Ron Paul- Anarchist!”

  1. libertyman Says:

    I think your conclusions are all wrong. Ron Paul is perhaps the largest single driving force behind a return to Constitutional rule of law. Your conclusion that he represents any type of lawlessness is simply not based on fact. It is a stronger sticking to the rule of law that will get the United States out of the clutches of the mostly lawless corporatist that are at the heads of both the left and the right.

  2. despicable Says:

    My conclusions about Ron Paul and his philosophy is based on my understanding of the political movement that he is a part of It is a movement that has been around a very long time, so it is not a mystery as to where this movement wants to go!

    There has always been from the beginning of time movements of people that wanted to either move forward, backward, or stand still, and not move at all! …Ron paul belongs to that movement that wants to move back to the good old days, that are in my view are impossible to reclaim because the objective conditions have changed and it is impossible to return to the non- existent past!…The Libertarian organization that he is a member of, is the home of that movement!

    The Capitalism that Ron Paul wants to bring back into our present day life is the capitalism that is not restricted by laws, that protect the common good!

    The type of small government that he is for,.. is unrealistic, in this age of big business and their global capitalist empires.

    If it was not for progressive big government, the economic system of capitalism, would destroy our environment, exploit without mercy or compassion the people,..not only in america, but all over the world!

    The reason that corporations grew so large and amassed such incredible power was not because of conspiracies between government and corporations. .. It was the natural evolution of small corporations getting larger by eliminating their competition!
    As some politicians were bought off by the private sector the easier it became to become bigger and more powerful!

    The framers of our constitution were not of one mind! There were some of our founding fathers that were opposed to the common people having the right to public education and voting!
    They felt that all rights should be reserved for people that owned property. They feared those that were not born to wealth!

    It has been an up hill battle for the common man and woman from the beginning of our american history up to the present day!

    If you eliminate progressive big government, we will all be at the mercy of big world wide capital!

  3. libertyman Says:

    Government is inherently dangerous to liberty and must be better controlled. In my lifetime the federal budget has gone from 99 billion up to 3 trillion a year. We now have entitlements that are over 70 trillion that will have to be paid by our children and grandchildren and their grandchildren. We have to cut government down to a manageable and affordable level and we have to change to a money system that can not be inflated to suit our political desires. It must change and the so called progressives will just end up giving us a socialist systems that will end the United States as a nation. We will be bankrupt both socially and financially.

  4. despicable Says:

    One World Government, the NEW WORLD ORDER, is almost here, and there is nothing that anybody can do about it… so shut up about it already!

    The world global village is destined to be our new reality! This new revolution is being brought about by our global economy and modern technology! ..It will be an accomplished fact!… And I am glad! … We should all be thankful to the large corporate powers that control our economy for directing this great step forward, for humanity!

    Of course there are the forces of nationalism that are attempting to stop this forward movement of global take over of the world from nation state domination, but history is on the side of the forces of world government!
    This revolution will be remembered and honored by generations yet to be born!

    Because of this progressive revolution, all of humanity will be moving away from the isolation of the past and also the intolerant fear and hate of that which is foreign!

    In a one world environment with a common currency, and with a wiping out of borders that existed in nation states, with a technology that will make it easy to travel anywhere on the planet freely and by communicating easily with everyone everywhere on the planet, … the people in this world village will easily assimilate with each other on the basis of equality! ..There will no longer be wars between nations, because nations will cease to exist!

    The national narrow minded chauvinists, that are fearful of any kind of change and refuse to adjust to a new way of life, and want to hold on to their prejudices, will… I am sure attempt to halt this movement away from the old way of doing and thinking! …But this opposition will not succeed because these reactionary elements will rapidly become not relevant and be ignored and regarded as dinosaurs!

    The capitalists will move throughout the world developing areas of the world that are undeveloped and creating a middle class where their is no middle class, they will develop sophisticated consumers where their were no sophisticated consumers, thus making more profit and benefiting humanity!

    Eventually the corporate oligarchy that created this world revolution, will be forced to swallow the middle class and the wealth that this class created, and digest it into the guts of their large global corporate institutions!
    The working class in this world government will be mostly replaced by automation. This occurrence will reduce the number of consumers for the capitalist class!

    To increase their rate of profit with a smaller amount of consumers the capitalist oligarchy will increase prices and decrease the cost of production. They will price out of the marketplace those that will not be able to afford the high prices and they will limit production to only those that can afford to pay the inflated price.

    The discontent by those that have been locked out of this fascist capitalist world society will become so great that they will revolt against this fascist capitalist world oligarchy and they will establish a society that has a planed economy that is designed to satisfy the needs of all of the people.

    How do I know that all of what i have written will happen?…I know that it will happen because it is the the only thing that can happen!

    It is the only way that the future can unfold!

  5. libertyman Says:

    You discount individual liberty and that is engine at the heart of creativity. It is creativity that drives the world not finance. Your idea of a socialist world will kill creativity and the world will be in darkness until it throws off this abomination.

    Capitalism is not what is would be under a true free market system. What we have today is corporatism not capitalism. Corporatism will lead to exactly the world you envision. That is not taking into account the kind of revolutionary spirit that founded the United States of America. We are the children of a revolutionary people who fought against the very kind of world you describe where the elite control the many and the many carry the elite on their backs.

    There will instead be a new American revolution and this revolution will sweep away the last remnants of the world controllers and their lackeys. The world controllers have become bold in their tactics so we now know who they are and where they are and can take the fight directly to this tiny controlling elite. Their protection in the past was their secretive nature. Today they have become so bold as to declare their objectives for the world and that will be their undoing.

    The fatal mistake of all tyrants is the idea that they are untouchable. Just ask the French Monarchy what happens to tyrants that become so bold as to rub their lofty position in the faces of the people. I will not shut up as you say. The time is not for that the time is for speaking out and determining who is on the side of the elitist and who will be spared in the coming revolution.

  6. libertyman Says:

    If you want to have a glimpse at what will actually happen in the near future you might do well to read “A Lodging of Wayfaring Men”

    The technology described is already in place and the movement towards it will be quick and stealthy. The elite that depend on our compliance in order for their plans to be achieved will not be able to stop it from happening. The inevitable result will be that their control and centralization efforts will be fruitless as the world of creativity and real wealth creation moves out of their centralized fiat monetary systems and into private real value money units and decentralized organization modes. This movement will be their ultimate undoing. It will not be a revolution so much of guns and bloodshed but one of creativity, financial independence and a lack of need for a central authority to organize. States will be reduced to what is best for the people and not for the state.

    Government will become more efficient out of necessity generated by competition from the marketplace not from regulation and force of arms.

  7. despicable Says:

    The purpose of competition is to out do your competition so that they will go out of business and then you can take over their market share! The big sharks swallow the small sharks until their are no small sharks left, then the big sharks attack each other until they realize that it would be better if the big sharks cooperate rather than compete with each other and destroy each other by competing,.. and so you have a concentration of capital and political power in the hands of a group of capitalists that control the system of capitalism!…This occurrence is a process that once put into motion has a predictable ending!
    Your argument is coming from a position that small business can and should always be small and should not ever become large and all powerful!…That is like saying that a child should always remain a child and never become an adult!…What is happening here is a process, and like all processes it has a beginning and you can predict how it will end!
    Your love for free enterprise has blinded you to the basic nature of this enterprise and it seems that you do not want it to see it grow up!
    Everything in nature and that what is known, in the universe, is that everything changes, and change, can be predicted to change to the opposite of that what was! Competition can only change to it’s opposite, and that opposite is is cooperation. When you can no longer compete , you cooperate!
    The people that live in an environment of competition under the conditions of material scarcity will be insecure and will compete for that which is scarce because what is scarce is valuable!..The more material resources that the competitors can gather unto themselves, the more prestige and power that they can wield, in a society of material scarcity!
    In an environment of material abundance the people in that kind of an environment will be secure because they will know that they wont have to compete for that which is scarce! They can cooperate and share without expecting anything in return for doing so!
    I am convinced that a new type of a person will emerge in a not so distant future, that will be a person that is social, secure and voluntarily cooperative. A person that is a social scientific being that is free from the superstitions and bigotry that was the result of isolation and fear of strangers! A person far removed from the barbarism that exists today and existed to a greater degree in our distant past!
    Their will come a time when there will be a world social arrangement when you will have a system that is an administration of things and not an administration of people!
    People will truly be free to create and share what they create! They will not have their time and life consumed by competing for the basics for individual survival, or to prove that they are materially superior than everyone else because they have more than everyone else!
    In a social society that will exist there will be the competition of creating and sharing of that what was created, and the satisfaction that comes from sharing more of oneself than that of others!

  8. libertyman Says:

    Where I am coming from is that central authority is about to become obsolete, something no one wants to pay for anymore because it beings them war and imbalance and networking and working out our problems online is leading to ways to becoming more efficient. P2P commerce and networking systems and strong encryption at a low cost have made it possible to basically run our lives without need for a government overseer goon squad because the community polices itself far more cost efficiently.

    Government as centralized force is grossly inefficient while distributed force is far superior to a central authority. That is the reason for our second amendment and why the founding fathers did not like to have a large standing army in peace time. They had a lot of good ideas and if we stuck to those principles as our founding documents have laid out we would be a lot safer and in a lot better financial shape.

  9. despicable Says:

    I agree that a centralized authority that issue directives and tells us how to conduct our lives will no longer be necessary! Also there will come a time when a police system and a court system, and a prison system, will no longer be necessary! …a state apparatus that will control our behavior and see to it that we are social and cooperative with our fellow citizens and do not act in a anti social way will not be necessary!… Because a new and opposite environment will come into being where no one is insecure because the earth will provide all that is necessary to live sensibly and securely in a cooperative manner with their fellow human beings! …You will have an administration of things not an administration of people!
    People will be free to be truly an individual in a secure cooperative environment, where they will be able to demonstrate their individuality, free from the influences that would corrupt and dehumanize a person like that what occurred in the past under the conditions of material scarcity, competition, selfishness and individual greed!
    It is a process of evolution and it will come about and become our new reality because it is the only way that the future can unfold!

  10. Johnnyb Says:

    Sounds like you are a commie to me.

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