Libertarians are Not RELEVANT!

All you Libertarians are incapable of thinking in a logical. rational way! ..You grab on to a slogan or a concept and than you proceed to dogmatically repeat what you heard, without any regard to context!

Your motive for what you say,… is individual greed, and selfishness!
You have no idea on how to be cooperative and social!

Your view of the big picture and the small picture is always self centered! Like small children, that never grew up,.. and never noticed the entire world that is your surroundings!

Grownups are supposed to be sophisticated enough to comprehend the reality of their environment!
Those that do so reject concepts that are based on slogans and dogma!
Especially when they are not relevant with what is happening in the immediate sphere of our existence!

You have to be blind and dumb to not notice that Bush and Company are intent on robbing the public sector of our government, of that which belongs to the general public,… and giving this treasure to his cronies in the private sector!

By making our government impotent, by replacing the functions of government, and allowing the private sector to take over all of those functions,… means that for all practical purposes, it will signify the end of representative government, …and it will replace representative government,…with a dictatorship of the capitalist class!
This kind of activity is subversive and traitorous to our constitution, and to our democracy!.

Libertarians are guilty of encouraging this treason!

The private charities,… that Libertarians believe will be able to take care of those in need, …shows me how out of touch, Libertarians are!

If Libertarians really knew what they are talking about, they would know that all of the major charities have made statements to the effect that, “if government ended assistance to the poor,… that the charities would be so swamped with those that are in need of assistance,… that it would be impossible for them to do their job!”
Only our federal government, has enough of the necessary resources, ability and expertise,… to help those in need,… when that need is great!

Katrina is an example of how an administration that is anti government, failed to act by using… federal government resources,.. to help the people of New Orleans!…They had the federal resources to help in that emergency, but they passed the buck to the local government, and what ensued was a disaster!

You Libertarians are living in the past! …You don’t seem to want to face the reality of the present!

Rugged individualism and Laze Fare Capitalism is no longer a part of our reality!…Everything changes, even capitalism.

You can’t return to what existed in the 19th century!
Capitalism has evolved, and it is impossible to return to the good old days of small business and free enterprise!

Just get over it and get a life!

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