Ron Paul and the Libertarian philosophy is right wing and fascist to the core!
They believe like fascists all over the world that only the strong should survive and the weak, sick and poor, deserve to die because they are not strong and cannot compete!
They dismiss the idea as “socialist,”.. that people can become a victim of circumstances that are beyond their control!… Their response to this kind of a victim is, “Tough! You made your bed so sleep in it!”…The libertarians have absolutely no compassion!…They do not believe in providing a safety net for people that fall on hard times! They believe in “Social Darwinism!” The survival of the fittest or the richest,… and every one else does not deserve to live!
They hate governments that spend tax money to help people in need!…The only thing government should become involved in according to Libertarians is in the fighting of wars! and policing the citizenry! If the wars cost too much money, than Libertarians become isolationists!
The Libertarian think tanks are very powerful within the Republican party, and their influence is very strong in the popular media!
Their battle cry is that “SELFISHNESS IS GOOD!”

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15 Comments on “The Ron Paul PHILOSOPHY!”

  1. Spencer Says:

    Wow. You are completely uninformed. Fascism is just another iteration of socialism. Classic socialism involves the state owning the means of production; fascism involves the state working with corporations to control the means of production. Ron Paul opposes corporatism, and supports true free market practices.

    Ron Paul would not have much control over social programs and safety nets as President; those areas are best handled at the state and local levels. So, if you want to end the dominance of the military-industrial complex and the insanely overgrown federal government, and return to a limited federal government that limits itself to protecting us from attack (including aggressively attacking those who attack us) and protecting our borders, then Ron Paul is your candidate.

  2. mike Says:

    haha i love the way people exagerrate paul’s viewpoints.

    you know what sucks man, getting taxed like crazy for a medicare system and a social security system that does nothing to benefit me. I don’t have health insurance, can’t afford it, and medicare definitely isn’t helping me out. If i had that extra hundred dollars a paycheck than maybe I would be in better shape.

    but the sytem isn’t working for me, trickle down isn’t either.. I just want to get my money back. because maybe I know how to be more creative with that than the government does.

  3. Valerie Says:

    Uninformed is right. Ron Paul has clarified his position here, but quit reading and wacthing lame stream media and hear it right. In a truly free and open market the private sector is much better suited to the job of helping the needy and assisting unemcumbered by Federal Control. Churches, Philanthropists and Humanitarians all are willing to do this job. Have you heard of Habitat for Humanity? How much more could they do without endless regulations, permits, taxes and fees imposed by a too-big, central government? Here’s a novel idea, how about a Federal government that actually enables you to help others, simply by letting you keep what you earn?

  4. Valerie Says:

    Postscript: As a Doctor, Ron Paul has never accepted medicare either. He has often offered drastically reduced medical care in line with what the patient could afford or provided the care free for those who couldn’t pay. Selfish? Hardly. He is a man of principle and honor. Honest and consistent. His Congressional record is sterling.

  5. despicable Says:

    Hey, Mike!
    Millions of Americans have been helped tremendously by Government programs!.. That is why Franklin D Roosevelt kept getting elected to the presidency!…He saved the capitalist system by adopting socialist programs to help people in dire straits during the depression!
    It takes a big government and social programs to create a balance between the power of big corporations that are only responsible to their stockholders and the bottom line, and to government that is structured in a way, that makes them responsible to promote the general well being of the American people as a whole! Government becomes corrupted when they sell out to the private sector!
    “Government is incompetent!” is a dogma that has been repeated by the private sector over and over again to condition people to move against their best interest and further the interest of the private sector in their pursuit of unrestricted exploitation of resources, including people!
    If any administration tries in any way to eliminate social security, medicare, medicaid the post office, public parks and schools fire dept. police, etc. and hand it over to the private sector their would be a outcry from the American people that would call this seizure, an outright robbery of that what is a part of the public domain!
    The majority of the people that are recipients of government programs will not tolerate the taking away of those programs! despite what the private sector lies about how unpopular they are!
    Nobody will be happy about a fire dept. that will check your credit rating before they put out a fire at your house!

    • Aaron Says:


      Your mind is so polluted I don’t even know where to begin. Even Libertarians know that there are certain socical programs that do work. Nobody, that is a true Libertarian has ever suggested that Police and Fire departments should be privatized. FDR did not save capitalism. Giving more power to governments is the exact reason why we had a revolution against British tyranny. Understand that our government was never created by the rules of the constitution to take care of Americans. Americans take care of Americans. Our government protects our freedoms. You do however make a valid point in that government should not be corrupted by the private sector. This has been the case of both Dems and Republicans. As far as Social Security goes if you recall this program was never intended to be a permanent solution. The only outcry from the American people right now is how in debt can these programs get before they bankrupt America. You are so uninformed…it is too scary to describe and I am afraid that you are so far removed that there is no coming back for you my friend. The social programs you defend are exactly what it means to be a fascist. I suggest that you take this hatred for our constitution and our principles as Americans and immediatly move yourself to another country where you will be much happier. I am here to tell you that there is a movement far greater than you can imagine to put the kabosh on your idealogy.

  6. Russell Says:

    To think that Ron Paul is Fascist is mean not only to Ron Paul but to people who support him. Keep learning and the truth will set you free. Do not fight, love.

  7. Tom Says:

    This individual is throwing around ‘isms’ like he/she knew what they meant. True product of government education…

    Of course those bloodsuckers living off the goose and golden egg programs are going to be upset, Mike… I’m looking for the day in 2009 when I will enjoy a really tasty goose barbecue!

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem helping the weak, sick and poor to become strong, healthy and prosperous. Unfortunately government programs are designed to keep you weak, sick and poor – and DEPENDENT. Frankly, I desire the choice to support my favorite charitable cause. I’ll have the freedom to do it or not and the freedom to select the causes I feel for or cognitively determine will create the most benefit. I’ll also have the freedom NOT to support a lousy, unproductive program too.

    Government mandating that a percentage of my earnings goes to feed bloated, unproductive programs run by bloated, unproductive bureaucrats and their underlings is nothing more than thievery on the grand scale.

    Wake up, fools.

  8. Rich Paul Says:

    The sort of “help” government gives is akin to breaking somebody’s leg, giving them a crutch, and saying “see, without me you couldn’t even walk!”. The chief cause of poverty is government. The second cause is incompetence, which effects a tiny portion of the population, and could be dealt with through private charity.

    FDR got elected and reelected because the American voters of his time were almost as ignorant as the voters today.

    The balance between consumers and corporations is a natural balance, since the corporations cannot charge more than consumers willingly pay, and competition keeps that price, in the long run, close to the cost of production. That is, of course, in the absence of monopoly … which cannot exist without government intervention. Monopoly is everywhere and always a product of government, not of the market.

    The balance between employees and corporations is a natural balance, since the corporations must pay the employees a price which convinces them to keep working. If there is a shortage of jobs, that price will be low, and profits will be high … which will create more businesses … which will create more jobs … which will raise the price of labor. Only the artificial discouragement of business by government prevents a shortage of labor, which would accomplish without force all of the things which unions claim to want to accomplish.

    “Government is incompetent” is obvious. Look at Katrina. Look at the war in Iraq. Look at social security, which is insolvent, but nobody will admit it. Look at VA health benefits. Look at the Great Depression, which was caused by the Federal Reserve interfering with the economy and prolonged by the “New Deal”. People, if left to their own devices, will solve their problems much better than government ever can. There are a reason that the worst areas of our economy — medicine, education, travel — are also the most regulated areas of our economy. If you investigate further, you will find that they weren’t that bad before government interfered.

    The federal government is involved in five of these programs, the post office, social security, Medicare, Medicaid. It is true that people are so ignorant (after leaving government schools) that they would object to the elimination of these programs. More importantly, you cannot get people addicted to handouts like social security and then suddenly cut them off when the people can no longer work. So they would need to be phased out. I would suggest allowing young people to opt out of social insecurity, and to take responsibility for their own retirements. Similar things can be done with the medical handout systems.

    Fire depts and police are, IMHO, legitimate functions of local government, but they have no connection to the Federal government, and so don’t much matter in a federal race.

    Military protection, of course, is a government function, and should be.

    Schools are another issue. We do have a federal “department of education”, which doesn’t educate anybody, and needs to be eliminated. It does nothing, except create red tape to prevent education.

    As for robbery, you cannot steal stolen property. And it would hardly be robbery if those things which should be privatized were privatized as I suggest: incorporate them as businesses, and distribute one share of stock to each citizen. The stock could be held or sold on the exchange. There is no reason to privatize things as they did in Russia, which was basically giving property which had been stolen from the people by the government to a small group of people. Why not return that which government has stolen to all the people, since government harmed all people by stealing it in the first place.

    It is true that the handout addicts will resist losing their handouts. That is why I expect an economic collapse and a disintegration of our nation through bankruptcy, rather than an orderly increase in freedom. But I still hope for an orderly increase in freedom, because so much blood will be spilled in the collapse if we continue as we are.

    Your local fire department is still not associated with the Federal government … look it up!

  9. Fluffy Says:

    The question is not whether the weak “deserve” to suffer. The question is whether I am morally responsible for their weakness. Did I cause it? Did I create it? If I did, I should pay for it – and we have civil courts available to make sure I do. If I didn’t, I shouldn’t.

    People can indeed become the victim of circumstances beyond their control. The question is whether that makes me responsible for it. If you’re willing to say that even the persons closest to the situation aren’t morally responsible [because the circumstances are beyond their control], how can you assert that persons at a great distance from the situation ARE morally responsible? If the circumstances are beyond their control, how are they within mine?

  10. mike Says:

    i dont think anyone is talking about eliminating the post office, public parks, schools, fire dept, or police. I don’t think that the fire department is a federal program and is something that is organized by your local jurisdictions.

    FDR officially corporatised the US into the big federal monster we have today. The Federal Reserve caused the depression in the first place and the American people bought up the New Deal because they had no idea who was responsible. Then he confiscated the gold of everyone in the country (can you imagine that happening today?)

    we don’t have a true free market here and that is our problem. we have a government that aids, assists, bails out the big corporations and shows them big time favoritism. when something like Enron occurs and robs people of their savings, the government does little to hold them accountable and no one ever sees that money again.

    on top of that our monetary policy is controlled by a private for-profit organization whom we are at the mercy of.

    you’re absolutely right that government becomes corrupt when they sell out to the private sector.. but the solution is not to have government control for everything. i think we all know that will lead to communism. what we really need is a just government that we can trust to hold people accountable for violating the rights of others, no matter how much money they are giving our politicians

  11. ronholland Says:

    Read and sign the Ron Paul Is Right – Abolish the Federal Reserve Petition at

  12. John Howard Says:

    I have carefully read this blog 2 times and there is not a single true sentence in it. Not one. Every sentence in it is the perverse opposite of the truth. Remarkable.

  13. despicable Says:

    All you Libertarians are incapable of thinking in a logical. rational way! ..You grab on to a slogan or a concept and than you proceed to dogmatically repeat what you heard without any regard to context!

    Your motive for what you say is individual greed and selfishness! You have no idea on how to be cooperative and social!

    Your view of the big picture and the small picture is is always self centered! Like small children that never grew up and never noticed the entire world that is your surroundings!

    Grownups are supposed to be sophisticated enough to comprehend the reality of their environment! Those that do so reject concepts that are based on slogans and dogma!
    Especially when they are not relevant with what is happening in the immediate sphere of our existence!

    You have to be blind and dumb to not notice that Bush and Company are intent on robbing the public sector of our government, of that which belongs to the general public and giving this treasure to his cronies in the private sector! By making our government impotent by replacing the functions of government and allowing the private sector to take over those functions means that for all practical purposes it will signify the end of representative government and it will usher in a dictatorship of the capitalist class!
    This kind of activity is subversive and traitorous to our constitution, and representative government. Libertarians are guilty of encouraging this treason!

    The private charities that Libertarians believe will be able to take care of those in need, shows me how out of touch, Libertarians are!

    If you really knew what you are talking about you would know that all of the major charities have made statements to the effect that if government ended assistance to the poor that the charities would be so swamped with those that are in need of assistance that it would be impossible for them to do their job!
    Only government has enough of the resources, and the ability to help those in need, when that need is great!

    Katrina is an example of how an administration that is anti government failed to act by using government resources to help the people of New Orleans!…They had the national resources to help in that emergency, but they passed the buck to the local government, and what ensued was a disaster!

    You Libertarians are living in the past! You don’t seem to want to face the reality of the present!

    Rugged individualism and Laze Fare Capitalism is no longer a part of our reality!…Everything changes, even capitalism. You can’t return to what existed in the 19th century, capitalism has evolved, and it is impossible to return to the good old days of small business and free enterprise!

    Just get over it and get a life!

  14. nh4ronpaul Says:

    The scaredness is good – means Ron is making headway! He had a bigger party than Romney this weekend!

    OH and it’s laissez-faire not Laze Fare.

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