The future is almost here!

All traditions are born to die! …Life styles and traditions become outmoded when they no longer are compatible and relevant with the constantly changing conditions, that evolve inside an environment.

When the basic nature of things change, the characteristics that flow from that basic nature will also change.

The basic nature, is the foundation of any structure, and that what rests on that foundation, is the superstructure, …and that represents the charicteristics and the final shape of the total structure!

To say something is good or bad depends on how a person adjusts to his or her surroundings!

The religious and tribal fundamentalists in all nation states are fearful of loosing their identity, in the modern world! A world where they are rapidly becoming no longer relevant, to the modern conditions!

It is my opinion that social change is a process !
The only direction that a future change can go to, to the opposite direction of what already exists!

The basic nature of our modern society is that of COMPETITION. …It is competition for limited resources that, breeds insecurity!

That is why material things are so valued in our society! To have status is to have more and better material things than the rest of the society that you are in competition with!

This drive for material wealth and displaying that wealth in a ostentatious and vulgar way is what drives crazy… poor people, and also opposite cultures, that are not competitive, but …cooperative, disciplined, rigid and submissive.

The global village is our new reality!… What brought it into being is the capitalist economy and modern technology! …The global village is here to stay!

…The nation state and the united nations will be dead in the water! Religion as we now know it will cease to exist!

Corporate fascism will be the foundation of this global capitalist community!

The disparity between the rich and the poor will become greater with the passage of time!

The world’s rich will become more vulgar and ostentatious! The world’s poor will become more desperate and more revolutionary!

The world community will go through another revolution. A revolution that will overthrow the capitalist fascist corporate world community… and establish as a first step the transfer of the means and instruments of production to a benevolent socialist dictatorship. A dictatorship that will attempt to prevent capitalism from creating a counter revolution.

This dictatorship will create a planned economy and a world welfare community.

This World communiy will be provided the basic food clothing and shelter for all of the people, and will satisfy all of their other basic needs!
The world environment will be saved, from the excessive exploitation of a former capitalist class, that had gone insane!

This socialist dictatorship will eventually be overthrown and in it’s place will be established a world community that will no longer have to be forced to be social by a state apparatus of police, laws, and a court system!

You will have an administration of things , not an administration of people!

A new social human being will evolve where there is no competition but instead voluntary cooperation!

A human being that is secure, social and scientific. …A human being that is self reliant and understands his surroundings. A person that is truly a free creative caring individual.

How do I know all of this will transpire?…I know this will happen because it is the only thing that can happen!

There is no other way that the future can unfold!

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