The struggle for CIVILIZATION!

We as a people are evolving and becoming more civilized with the passage of time!

We are in a constant struggle with our backwardness to move out of that backwardness and to move forward into a more civilized social arrangement!

Human history has shown us that only through struggle against the forces of barbaric actions and ideas can the human race eventually move out of the barbarism and ignorance of the past and progress into a increasingly more civilized way of thinking and doing!

Students of human history are aware, that what had existed before, and was accepted as normal and natural, is no longer regarded as such and is looked upon by increasingly more and more people as not acceptable conduct for a modern civilized society!

WE owe a lot of thanks to the progressive people through out history that had taught us common sense, and the ideas that were promoted during the period of the… ENLIGHTENMENT!

The Civil Rights movement, The movement for equality for women, and blacks and others. The struggle against Slavery!…All of these victories were solid victories that had made the human race more sensitive to the feelings of others!

We are increasingly progressing away from attitudes that were regarded as normal popular behavior! like the glorification of war!

The attitude that prevailed in years gone by, that it was socially acceptable to kill a person to defend your honor, because of a believed insult to you or your family name! … Human life is now regarded as more sacred by the human family than it was in our barbaric past!
The fact that most advanced nations have now abolished the death penalty as being inhumane is a step away from the barbarism of the past!

“Torture”, is generally regarded by the human family as cruel and criminal. This was not always so in human history! …That, I would say is progress!

We still have a long way to go to become more human! and more sensitive to the feelings of our fellow human beings! …Civilization was not built in one day! …It is a process that demands continuous struggle for our humanity and against the forces that would deny us that humanity and attempt to take us back into our dark uncivilized primitive past!
Progressive thinking people, have always had the responsibility, to point the way to the future!

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