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The Movement of PEOPLE!

July 28, 2007

The populations of many people in the world are no longer contented to stay down on the farm! They no longer feel that they live in the best of all possible worlds! Many feel that they must migrate from their oppressed and depressed conditions to somewhere or anywhere that will give them and their children a chance at staying alive! MANY ARE DESPERATE!!
Technology whether you like it or not has made this world a global village! Immigration is occurring all over the planet and is being encouraged by the global economy.
Walls and borders are laughable, and those of you are laughable, if you think borders and walls will stop this predictable flow of people migrating on the planet earth!
When local laws are enacted, and the laws are not compatible with the changing world conditions, the laws will be ignored, and regarded as quaint! … And that is as it should be!
If you insist on living in the past, you to will be regarded as a relic, no longer compatible with our modern world!
When you die people will say good riddance! …You were a hinderance to our necessary progress!



July 28, 2007

America and the world can only move forward and away from the barbarous inhuman, intolerant past that is no longer relevant to the modern conditions that has evolved over time!
Try as they may, the fearful, bigoted reactionary elements that seem so prevelant in our world today are breathing their last breath, and the deafening noise that you are hearing from these dying bigots,.. is only the noise that is produced by their death rattle!
There is too much water under the bridge of our civilized world for the Bush/Cheney mob to go against the tide and ultimately win!
A step backward will only force us to take two steps forward in the evolution of people, society and the world!
Do not fear losing the next election! Stay true to your principals! Do not compromise who you are for the delusion of a questionable victory!
Remember! One step backward only means that the next step will be two steps forward!
You cannot stop the forward movement of history! Life is a learning experience!