Now is the time that the Democratic National Committee should be put on notice by true progressives that if the democratic party does not call for the immediate impeachment of Bush and Cheney ..that the progressives within the party will leave the party of the democrats and establish a progressive party, and compete with the democrats and the republicans for the presidency of the United States!
It is becoming very clear that the democrats that have the power and the seniority in the congress are unable to buck the system! They are tied so tight to the established economic power structure, that they are impotent!
The obvious unpopularity of the Iraq war, and the unpopularity of president Bush, would convince any sane person that it would be popular and easy to oppose Bush and the war, yet they do not because of their ties to the system!
The danger of America becoming a fascist corporate global oligarch is so real and appears so imminent that we the people no longer can wait until the next election! We must act now, and demand that the democratic party IMPEACH CHENEY and BUSH and immediately end the war and bring our troops home!
If they do not respond to our demands than we must leave the democratic party!

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