Change is on the horizon and it is apparent to those that have good vision and good sense!

The Global economy is here and it will not go away!…Modern technology is here and it will not go away!…Modern science is here and it will not go away!
The consequences of modern development is change that is different and the opposite from what existed in the past! ..And that is what makes the frightened little idiots that can’t let go of the past,… crap in their pants!

The modern humans of today are no longer content to stay down on the farm! …They no longer believe that they live in the best of all possible worlds.
Modern communication and modern transportation has inspired millions of people to leave their homeland and settle elsewhere in the world so as to make their lives more secure, more safe and more bountiful!

Large groups of immigrants are invading the more developed and advanced countries of the world because it is the only thing that they can do to survive!…
The global capitalists has allowed this to occur because the economy today is global and cheap labor from all over the world is the name of the game!

National interest is no longer relevant to the global capitalists! ..National economy is no longer relevant to the global capitalists. The nations workers are no longer relevant to the global capitalists. ..What is relevant is the global economy,.. and the rate of profit from that global economy!

Those that say that we have to rid ourselves of the global economy are whistling in the dark!…It will never happen under the system of capitalism!
You can become isolationist and revert to a national socialist or a national capitalist type of economic system but that type of isolated nationalism will become a national fascism, …introverted and paranoid about the outside world, and will eventually tear itself apart!
The only way that the human race will rid itself of a system of global capitalist fascism, is to struggle and organize, not nationally but globally for a socialist democratic society!
Regarding middle east terrorism! This is only a death rattle of those that are no longer relevant in a changing world! It is impossible to halt progress and move backwards into a barbaric past!
Humanity has traveled too far and is too experienced and too smart to be intimidated by tribal backwardness!
The western world and the eastern world and all worlds that existed in the past and exists in the present are on the brink of becoming extinct! They will all be replaced by a global village, and that global village will have the characteristics of a global fascist capitalist dictatorship, and that dictatorship will eventually be overthrown and replaced by a socialist non-capitalist dictatorship! and that dictatorship will be overthrown and replaced by a global village that has the characteristics of people that are so materially secure that they will not need a state apparatus to force them to be social, and you will have an administration of things! not an administration of people!
Those that think that they can stop this forward movement of history are fools!

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