Cooperatives underCapitalism!

It is my opinion that the reason why cooperatives do not work under a capitalist system is because of the mindset that evolves in a capitalist environment!
Those that are for social and economic cooperation and those that are for economic and social competition have a mindset that was formed under a condition of planned material scarcity.
It is my opinion that the only time when the conditions will be compatible for a society to function in a social cooperative manner is when a new type of person is born and evolves under a social condition of material abundance!
This type person will be a secure social scientific human being, that will voluntarily share what he or she has and will not have to be ordered to be social by a state apparatus run by a class of capitalists or workers!
You will have an administration of things! Not an administration of people!
It is my marxist opinion that when the social and economic conditions change to the opposite of what it was, the basic nature and the characteristics that flow from that basic nature will change to the opposite of what it was!

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2 Comments on “Cooperatives underCapitalism!”

  1. I don’t believe it is possible for humans to stop competing because not competing is a gate of the shortcut to extinction and humans like to travel within for a long time… They could choose not to compete for a very short period until they should all become retarded.

  2. despicable Says:

    It is a fact of history and common sense that when you cannot compete you cooperate! When you cannot cooperate you compete!
    Only a bigoted dogmatist would assume that cooperation or competition are absolutes and that one is better than the other!
    For anything to have any kind of meaning or a particular characteristic, it must be viewed within a particular framework or context!
    When it becomes no longer necessary or it becomes impossible to compete within a particular realm than the competitive mode will change to the opposite of competition and that is cooperation!
    The point that I made in my post was that under the conditions of scarcity, the tendency and the necessity to compete in order to survive and thrive is the only choice that can be made under those specific conditions, if one wants to survive and thrive!
    When it no longer becomes necessary to compete to survive and thrive because the surroundings had changed from that of scarcity to that of material abundance the dominant tendency is to cooperate because it is no longer necessary to compete!
    Their are realms of activity that would continue to be competitive inside a basically cooperative social arrangement, but the nature of the competition would be the opposite of the cooperation that existed in a basically competitive environment!
    The nature of the cooperation under a competitive environment is to cooperate with some so as to better compete against others!
    The nature of competition under the opposite condition of a cooperative environment is to compete so as to better cooperate with others and society as a whole!

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