Cheney is a fascist! …He should be brought before a world tribunal and prosecuted as a war criminal!
Cheney’s mindset is no different than the Nazi war criminals that were prosecuted at the end of world war #2 for crimes against humanity!
The vice president should be impeached for the many impeachable offenses that he had and is committing against the constitution and against the people of the United States!
The entire civilized world is enraged against this vice president and his barbaric attitude with regard to torture!
I believe that Dick Cheney is a power mad fascist totalitarian!
He should be institutionalized before he hurts and kills again and again!

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2 Comments on “IMPEACH DICK CHENEY!”

  1. Matt Says:

    Only problem with impeaching Dick is that he is also the President of the Senate as Vice President, and will preside over his own impeachment hearing. The only way to do it, is to impeach Bush first, as Cheney becomes president, and then immediately impeach Cheney. This shit is too complicated lol

  2. despicable Says:

    Dick Cheney is only a symptom of a system that has gone amok! Cheney is an elite capitalist of the capitalist system! As he accumulated power within that system, he personifies the nature and the characteristics that are now rampant within the capitalist system!
    Dick Chaney as well as the capitalist system are at this stage of their development, arrogant and ruthless toward anything or anyone that gets in the way of his ambition to fulfill what he believes is his destiny, and the destiny of his capitalist class!
    During the short time of his rule, and the rule of his compliant president he has been able to transfer much of the accumulated wealth of the public sector , over to the private sector! This transfer is outright thievery of what belongs in the public domain! He has robbed the treasury and the american people of billions of dollars and had that money transferred from the american people to his crony capitalist friends!
    Dick Cheney is a class conscious member of his capitalist class and at this point in time he seems bent on destroying our democratic government and replace it with a dictatorship of a capitalist oligarchy!

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