Ron Paul Libertarians!

Ron Paul voices the concerns of many folks that are shocked at where we as a nation are at, .. and where we seem to be going, .. into the future!
I kind of feel for him and the many folks that are also so concerned!
But my intellect tells me that the change that is taking place all over the planet is something that cannot be avoided!
The need for the system of capitalism to expand is a natural process of growing to keep from dying!
The american system has outgrown nationalism and now the world is it’s oyster! The global economy by it’s very nature is the enemy of the nation state.
To grow you have to feed on something so those that are connected to the global economy feed on world resources in the form of exploited labor world wide…. Middle class assets, are being swallowed up by the large multi nationals. … The public resources that are part of the public domain are increasingly being grabbed for private exploitation, by the global privateers. This is happening with the cooperation of the world bank!
Those that carry the flag of nationalism are rapidly becoming not relevant to our global economy! Those that carry the flag of internationalism will become the enemy of this global fascism that by it’s very nature will represent only those that are very wealthy share holders within their exclusive global structure!
The nation state and internationalism as represented by the United Nations has characteristics that the flag carriers of this global empire will not be able to stomach! The global empire builders cannot and will not tolerate the characteristics of representative government. A government that seeks to better the lives of the general population! Survival of the fittest or the richest is their philosophical view, ..And the public be damned!
Hey, you Libertarians! …At this particular point in time, it is not the government that is the enemy of the people, it is not the government that threatens our individualism. The fact is, that at this point in time, those that interfere most in the running of our daily lives, are the large corporations! They have a growing appetite to swallow and absorb everything that they can get their greedy hands on! They have a neurotic desire to bend everyone to their will!
Wake Up America!…It is later than you think!

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3 Comments on “Ron Paul Libertarians!”

  1. Brian Says:

    Corporations suck. But Walmart was a good thing when it was run by one concientious guy. Corporations are government constructs, they exist because of government, it is called corporatism. By having a death tax and not allowing Sam Walton to pass it on to the best, most honest and good guy he knew, u created a corporation. The guys who build businesses to great heights in this modern era are almost always good. It only sucks when it becomes a corporation, where people are hired to care only about stockholder money, rather than caring about their employees, customers, and making the world better. That is what the guys who start the businesses that massively succeed almost always want, to make the world better and reward their employees. Your friend “mr government” is what creates the corporations and gives the corporations their power. It also created a trillion a year industry, of some of our smartest people who could be scientists and engineers otherwise, that instead worries about manipulating tax codes and other government BS. They use government to squash free market enterprise, or force them to be bought out. Start-up free marketers live to benefit themselves, but the ones that really succeed care about more than that. In fact they fail if they don’t; they have to fulfill a new need that some corporation doesn’t have cornered, and they can’t do that by being like them. Socialists in their anti-free market crusade end up empowering corporations, just like government in the 70s created HMO’s(Ted Kennedy anyone?), when we had cheap competitive health care that would be the best in the world now if not for the socialists.
    We get the worst of both worlds, massively inefficient insurance(socialism) and big government aided healtcare(corporatism, also known as fascism). I can go on and on, but like most libertarians, i can’t make a singular point because it is all interrelated and i ramble.

  2. despicable Says:

    Your argument for the free market and free market values, belong to the distant past and are no longer relevant within the capitalism that exists now in the 21st century!
    The basic nature and the characteristics that naturally flows from that basic nature are much different than it was when rugged individualism was alive and kicking in the 19th century!
    Everything changes, with time and the capitalist system is not immune to change!
    The fact of the matter is free enterprise has been sold to those that can afford to buy it and it is no longer free enterprise! The rugged individualism free enterprise, has been transformed and is now the opposite of what it was! The capitalism of today is a all encompassing system that has a life of it’s own and the way it moves is predictable if you know about all of the parts that make up this system called capitalism!
    A political government that is a part of the capitalist economic system will serve those that are the masters of our economic life!
    The early traditions of our government, was that of being a representative of the people, as a whole! Those traditions are still alive within our capitalist system and progressives are trying to keep that tradition alive for as long as it can!
    The economic royalists within the private sector can function best within a closed society so that they can rob us without too much looking on as they do so!
    I am sure that there are social minded capitalists that would like to be generous with their assets and spread those assets around to those in need! But like I said, the capitalist system has a life of it’s own and those that are a part of the system at this point in time must be ruthless and uncompromising so as to stay competitive and in business within this capitalist system.

  3. AnferTuto Says:

    Hola faretaste

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