The Iraq War and BLOOD MONEY!

The commander and chief of the armed services, president Bush, is…( according to almost 100% of the military press,)… “trying to fight this Iraq war on the cheap,” and in so doing he is shortchanging the troops on the front lines, by not supplying them with the much needed proper armor, equipment and medical attention, that they very much need!
The disgraced, former secretary of defense Rumsfeld, said that… “soldiers should put their life on the line with what they have, and should not complain about what they need!”
Let’s face it!..The Iraq war in the eyes of our so called president and his money-mad cronies,… is an opportunity, to make a lot of money! The Privateers, and contractors that represent the largest corporations in america, are making a killing as this war continues,…and at the cost of American lives, and taxpayer dollars! ..The money that they are making is BLOOD MONEY!
Major elements of the private sector is intent on destroying many elements of the public sector, including the U. S. military!
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