The Democrats Will Win The Presidency!

The record turnout of democrats during the last election, was a revolution directed not only at the Bush regime but also at the conservative base of the republican party!
The belief that the American people are basically conservative was proven wrong in our last election! Historically Americans have rejected the conservative philosophy when that conservative way of thinking becomes rooted in the past and no longer relevant to the newly emerged conditions of the present!
It is becoming more and more apparent and therefor more obvious to most americans that it is not the private sector that is acting in the best interest of the American people!… It is the public sector!..And when that consciousness penetrates the skulls of the average american, they have always voted DEMOCRAT!

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One Comment on “The Democrats Will Win The Presidency!”

  1. Heather Miller Says:

    Clearly Hillary has the experience and the know how to run our country and it saddens me to think that people cant seem to understand that and are just looking for some miracle of peace on earth! I feel that Obama knows exactly what to say when to say it, not what to do and when to do it! All I get from him is a speech, all I feel when I hear him talk is that he is just telling the American people exactly what they want to hear instead of the cold hard truth……Here are some cold hard facts…..we need Hillary and we need her husband standing beside her…….our country will thrive from both of them being in the white house! During the administration of Bill Clinton, the U.S. enjoyed more peace and economic well being than at any time in its history. He was the first Democratic president since Franklin D. Roosevelt to win a second term. He could point to the lowest unemployment rate in modern times, the lowest inflation in 30 years, the highest home ownership in the country’s history, dropping crime rates in many places, and reduced welfare rolls. He proposed the first balanced budget in decades and achieved a budget surplus. As part of a plan to celebrate the millennium in 2000, Clinton called for a great national initiative to end racial discrimination.In the world, he successfully dispatched peace keeping forces to war-torn Bosnia and bombed Iraq when Saddam Hussein stopped United Nations inspections for evidence of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. He became a global proponent for an expanded NATO, more open international trade, and a worldwide campaign against drug trafficking. He drew huge crowds when he traveled through South America, Europe, Russia, Africa, and China, advocating U.S. style freedom.

    Those are the facts and they are just a few short reasons why we need the Clinton administration back in office…..I truely hope that American people will see and understand that!

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