Their is a war going on that many people are not aware of. It is a war between the private sector and the public sector.

You have to be stupid not to be aware of this war, but still it seems no one is really trying to analyze this phenomenon that is changing the face of world politics!

The world bank has as a policy, that if a nation want’s to receive a loan from the world bank, that nation has to privatize that what is part of the public domain! …The nation has to make available public resources to private exploitation, or that nation does not get the loan!

The public sector is structured in such a way that they are responsible to the public as a whole and they are not supposed to be bought off and corrupted by members of the private sector for personal and private gain.

A democratic government and it’s representatives, owes it’s existence to the many people that go to the polls and elect them into public office! These public officials responsibility is to the public as a whole! Government is supposed to function to promote the general well being of all of society!

The private sector is responsible only to it’s share holders. Historically the private sector had often shouted the words, “Full speed ahead and the public be damned!
As a result of this attitude the general public and the public’s environment had suffered!

What has been happening in the United States and the world is an intensification of this war between the private and public sectors! … Consequently their has been a world wide polarization! A polarization between the private sector of rich investors, and the general population. This general population, depends on government activity, to insure and to promote, the general well being, of the entire society!

The private sector caries the flag of globalization! ..The public sector caries the flag of internationalism! The flag of nationalism is rapidly becoming no longer relevant!
It is my opinion that Globalization will eventually lead to a world dictatorship of the capitalist class and that dictatorship will destroy internationalism and the nation state, because of it’s public sector characteristics!
Without a nation state to represent the disfranchised general population of the world, Who will?
Perhaps the poor and disfranchised of the general population, will eventually organize themselves as a global entity, so that they can struggle against this global dictatorship, of the capitalist class!

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