I do not believe in dogmas or absolutes! The first amendment about free speech is a good model to strive for and is the cornerstone of a democracy!
The reason that certain ideals should not be written in stone and regarded as absolutes is because there are always exceptions to every rule!
Freedom of speech under certain conditions can cause incitement to mob rule directed against a particular unpopular group, religion etc. You don’t have the freedom to yell “fire!” in a crowded theatre. Every thing has it’s limitations, even freedom of speech!
You may believe that tolerance toward people that use hurtful and hateful speech, can be exercised under moderate conditions, where that speech will not cause a significant threat to those that the hate speech is directed against. But small snowballs can become large snowballs if allowed to roll down hill, and so perhaps it would be better to stop it from rolling in the beginning before it becomes so big it would be impossible to stop, and consequently engulf all of society.
In the not so distant past it was considered an exercise in freedom to be able to challenge a person to a duel and kill the person in order to defend one’s honor!
If the person insulted you or your family name, the law gave you that particular freedom of expression.
Progress is the moving away from the barbarity of the past. It is the realization that all human life is to be valued and laws in civilized society should be designed to keep us from killing each other! The freedom to do otherwise became illegal!
All traditions rooted in the past are destined to die when they are no longer relevant to the newly evolved conditions that exist in the present! The tradition of hate speech is destined to become a relic of the past because it will no longer be relevant within a society that is becoming increasingly more sensitive to the feelings of their fellow human beings.
The individuals in society that cannot adapt to the new ways of thinking and doing will eventually become corrupted, isolated and paranoid within a world that no longer regards them as useful, and relevant. So they will wither and die along with their outmoded traditions and ways of thinking and doing.
And I say “good riddance!”

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