Marx pointed out that all change takes place in stages!
One stage will lay the ground work for the following stage.
The outcome is predictable because of the evidence that exists of the history of the past the knowledge of what is happening at the present time, and the same pattern of change can be predicted for the future.
Marx explained about the negation of the negation and his dialectical thinking and understanding makes MARXISM not a ideology, or a philosophy but a science!
If that is true, and I know that it is true, how come so called marxists are not on the same page about where we are at, and where we are going and what it will be necessary for us to do once we get to where we are going.
I regard myself as a dialectical materialist. That makes me a social scientist. I understand the past the present and i can predict with a scientific certainty about what the future will be like! All true dialectical materialists should be able to do the same thing. .
There are those on the left side of the political spectrum that believe that democracy is what we should be fighting for within the capitalist system!
The fact of the matter is that at this critical stage of capitalism that we presently are at, it is no longer possible for america and the capitalist world to exist under the condition of a democracy! It is also impossible at this point in time for socialists to believe that they will establish a democratic socialism when they take over the means of production!
As long as their are antagonistic classes in society that exist in power and out of power,… you will have a state apparatus that will hold on to their power at the point of a gun!
You can only have a true democracy when the material conditions permit you to be social, scientific and cooperative where the need to compete in order to survive and thrive becomes a thing of the past.
You can only have a democracy in a classless society!

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