Iraq and the occupation!

Our being in Iraq is not going to affect the outcome of the civil war that is being waged by the competing tribes and their militias. They consider us as a “foreign army of occupation!”
We Americans in Iraq are regarded as a inept bunch of foreigners that cannot build back the infrastructure that we so competently destroyed!
The insecure, fragmented people in Iraq can only insure their personal safety by aligning themselves with a tribal militia group that can control the areas and regions where they have lived worked and prayed. … And have done so for many generations!
The government in Iraq is a joke! They cannot and do not want to bring order to Iraq! The president of Iraq wants disorder in his country because it serves the interest of his tribal master,… IRAN!
President Bush wants to continue our occupation of Iraq because he wants to establish a sphere of influence, in that region, because of oil.
The joke of the century is that we are in Iraq to bring DEMOCRACY to that region of the world.


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