The center of the Political Spectrum!

If you are FOR something, you are automatically against the OPPOSITE of what you are for!
That makes you a partisan and a radical in the eyes of those in the political center.
The political center can’t make up their minds as to what they are for and what they are against!
Those moderate centrist politicians, that sit on the fence, and try to figure out the way the wind is blowing, are the politicians that you have to look out for!
They are opportunists, and they do not have the passion to be for anything or anybody except themselves!
Of course many politicians and voters that take a moderate centrist position on issues, do so, because they are confused, and the reason that they are confused, is because they have a limited perception and understanding about the importance of the issues before them, …and they really don’t give a damn about political issues that does not involve their personal gain.
Intelligent and progressive voters and politicians are passionate about the world around them and would like to make the world a better place.
Moderates centrists are concerned about the well being of themselves and their crony friends,… and the public be damned!
They will compromise and and sell out the best interests of the general public for personal and private gain!
They cannot be trusted!

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One Comment on “The center of the Political Spectrum!”

  1. madmouser Says:

    I think you have explained the central position of politicians and their motives very well.
    I have a hard time with fence sitters and I like to tilt them over when I pass by them. I am sure you know how I mean that. LOL.

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